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Without warning, your most valuable investment, your home, sustains damage from fire, water, wind, ice dams, vandalism or a vehicle crash. The intense emotions of fear, violation, safety, loss and security quickly overtake you. With little or no experience with a home damage occurrence, you do your best to deal with this unplanned disaster securing your loved ones, your belongings and property.  What do you do next?

If you are like most people who have sustained damage, likely you are emotional about what has transpired. You may need a few hours or days to think through your next step. However, as soon as it is safe to do so you will need to notify your insurance company and try to prevent further damage. This is an important responsibility to comply with your insurance company policy requirements.  Your insurance company will respond by assigning their insurance adjuster who is trained to keep claims low in their favor, not yours. To make sure your interests are protected you need someone who will be in your corner.  

Knowing and contacting an advocate (public adjuster) who will only work for you, will help lay the groundwork for a thorough damage assessment and accurate insurance claim settlement. Contact Mark.


IMPORTANT TO KNOW; Insurance company adjusters, independent adjusters, insurance agents and contractor hired guns do not work for you, they work for the insurance company.

Licensed Public Adjuster; An Advocate who works directly for you, the insured (homeowners and business owners), to help you after a damage event to restore your damaged property to the pre-loss condition. 

Damage to your home can be a life altering event. With this in mind Mark will promptly help you navigate the often confusing and complex claim process.  Mark will represent your interests only. Mark's professional experience as a remodeler, Massachusetts licensed builder and BBRS approved contractor educator will insure thorough assessment of your damages and property. Mark will do your estimate personally, unlike many other Public Adjuster firms who sub out the estimating to people who never see or walk your house.

Hiring Mark to represent you as your advocate will include; 

  • Assessing your policy, coverage and proper claim reporting
  • Establish a line of communication with your insurance company and assigned adjuster
  • Mitigation coordination such as board up, winterization, weather protection
  • Assistance with city or town officials if necessary 
  • Assessing your property damage and any code triggered items 
  • Prompt preparation of an accurate and detailed line item estimate for the building, contents and additional living expenses.
  • Estimate presented to your assigned insurance adjuster 
  • Ongoing reporting to you regarding progress of your claim
  • Negotiation of your settlement.
  • Working with your contractor and mortgage institution