Cradle to Grave System To Manage Your Contracting Business and The Four Legged Chair

In the E-Myth Contractor by Michael Gerber, he suggests that contractors should invest time to develop and implement systems so they can effectively manage their business. Keeping track of all the minor and major details on your projects and in your business is a daunting task. By developing and implementing a Cradle to Grave Paperwork System you can maximize profitability in your projects, prevent items from falling through the cracks, stop wasting valuable time doing things twice and provide a better experience for your customer.

If you have to remember to remember something during your busy day you will likely forget.” And the item you forget may cost you all or some of your profit on the job!  

The 4 Legged Chair Business Model; Defining Your Business Departments

Your business is set up to facilitate the delivery of services and products to a consumer. Your business has four separate yet interdependent departments. In our coaching program we first help you define these 4 areas in detail and then proceed with developing your Cradle to Grave System.

In the 4 Legged Chair the four legs are:

  • Leg #1: Marketing: generate leads, branding and educate prospects
  • Leg #2: Sales: convert leads produced by the marketing leg into profitable business.
  • Leg #3: Production: deliver, service and build what was sold by the sales leg on time, within budget in a workman like manner.
  • Leg #4: Administration: support the other 3 legs, set policy and direction, Measure and track, Human resources, financials etc.  

 In order to produce predictable outcomes and consistent profits your business needs to set up a deliberate management system to maximize effort and efficiency. We guide you through this process by giving you the tools and structure to follow.

Developing and Implementing Your Cradle to Grave System

We provide you with a blueprint and guide you through the process of creating a Cradle to Grave Paperwork System specific to your construction business. This system involves determining the Traffic Pattern in your company’s processes following the Critical Path Schedule and capturing information at the most opportune time using simple forms and checklists.

Once the system is developed all one needs to do is remember to use the form and checklist tools which will trigger what needs to get done. The system covers the journey of a lead from the initial phone call from your prospect and concludes with the final closeout of the job. Once your system is working smoothly on paper then it can be loaded onto your laptop or tablet.

Training: once the program has been developed then it needs to be implemented into the business. We provide the training for you and your staff to insure that everyone is on the same page and knows what is expected. We will provide you with and Organizational Chart and job descriptions defining the roles and responsibilities of each team member.

Program highlights:

• The 4 Legged Chair Business Model; Marketing, Sales, Production and Administration
• Defining the traffic pattern and critical path for your company’s processes and projects
• Developing a paperwork system that supports the 4 legs and critical path schedule
• Key forms and checklists we provide and help you customize to your needs

  • Lead form
  • Needs assessment to capture the prospects needs, wants and project details
  • Measurement forms, take off sheets, selection forms
  • Estimate spreadsheet/price list
  • Contract for Design/Build, build, roofing, siding, windows, gutters, handyman
  • Sales to production file checklist
  • Pre-construction checklist for office pre-construction meeting
  • Site pre-construction meeting checklist and agenda
  • Project progress meeting form
  • Job progress logs, time sheets, allowance reconciliation forms, change orders
  • Project close out forms
  • Final Customer Survey
  • Forensic review process