You Are A Certified Renovator and Firm. Have You Implemented The RRP Practices And OSHA Standards Into Your Business?

RRP Contractor Business Coaching
Strategies for Remodelers & Contractors, the EPA RRP RULE & OSHA Requirements

Congratulations, you have successfully completed the EPA RRP Certified Renovator Course and you are a Certified Renovator. In Massachusetts you are a Lead Safe Renovation Contractor. Now that you made it this far what do you do next? Have you registered your firm with the EPA by filling out the Firm Certification Application? In Massachusetts have you filled out the state application with your respirator program and worker safety protection plan? Have you purchased your HEPA vacuum? Have you made the necessary changes to your contracts and insurance to protect your business?

The EPA RRP Lead law has changed many times since 4/22/2010. The amendments and confusion are enough to make anyone crazy.

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To help contractors like you navigate the choppy waters caused by the RRP Lead Law The Contractor Coaching Partnership has customized our coaching program to help contractors implement this new regulation into their business.

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 "Training immediately followed by implementation, insures what is paid for and learned in the classroom, makes it to the field."