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What Contractor Coaching with Mark Means to Dwight

Dwight French says:

Mark's coaching has been a breath of fresh air for Davidson.  Mark's ability to come in, earn the trust of our staff and gain understanding of our organization has been nothing short of amazing. 

Mark went out into the field and met with our people on the job.  He went so far as to climb up onto the roof to talk to them.  They talked about Davidson, what we did best, what we could do better, what they would do if it was all up to them.  These interviews and the subsequent training lead to a real feeling of empowerment and participation that did wonders for Davidson's corporate culture. 

With intelligence, integrity and an honest concern for our team and our company having Mark coaching us helped to bring us to a whole other level. A good coach does that, they bring the team together to achieve our goals. 

Mark calls in on a regular basis, even when we are not working on a project together, when he says ‘stay in touch' he means it and if you don't do it, he will be sure to. 

My advice?  Partner with Mark and start making your business work for you.