Continuing Education For Massachusetts Construction Supervisor License Holders


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What you need to know about Continuing Education Requirements to renew your Construction Supervisor License in Massachusetts

Who is affected and what do license holders need to do?

Massachusetts Construction Supervisor License holders are now required to earn Continuing Education Credits (CEU's) to renew their license. The Board of Building Regulations announced this program went into effect in July 2011.  Licensees must provide proof of completion of the the required hours per license type for every two year license cycle.

When do I need to obtain the required hours?

Very important; there is confusion and mis-information regarding the timing and requirements of the CEU requirement. Some contractors have reported that they were coaxed to sign up for training prematurely. Some were not told that they had as much as three years to obtain their credit hours. Before you sign up for training make sure you are certain of your renewal date that requires credit hours. Some trainers are capitalizing on contractor ignorance and getting contractors to sign up earlier than neccessary without divulging all the facts. 

  • If your license renews 7/1/2013 or later you will need to provide proof of continuing education credit hours to renew your license at that time.
  • The BBRS has announced that taking approved courses now (before your next renewal date) will count towards your required credit hours. 

How many credits and hours do I need to obtain?

Depending on your license type you will need the minimum required topic credit hours and the balance to come from approved elective courses.

  • Unrestricted; Construction Supervisor License; 12 credit hours, 7 required topic credit hours and 5 elective. Required topics; 4 hours code, 1 hour safety, 1 hour energy, 1 hour business and 5 elective.
  • Restricted; One and Two Family License; 10 credit hours, 7 required topic credit hours and 3 elective. Required topics; Required topics; 4 hours code, 1 hour safety, 1 hour energy, 1 hour business and 3 elective.
  • Specialty Licenses; 6 credit hours, 5 required topic credit hours and 1 elective. Required topics; 2 hours code, 1 hour safety, 1 hour business and 1 hour elective.

CSL Unrestricted

12 Hours

CSL Specialty (1A) Masonry

6 Hours

CSL Restricted

10 Hours

CSL Specialty (DM) Demolition

6 Hours

CSL Specialty (WS) Windows/Siding

6 Hours

CSL Specialty (IC) Insulation

6 Hours

CSL Specialty (RF) Roofing

6 Hours

CSL Specialty (SF) Burning Fuel

6 Hours

How can I obtain my Mass approved CSL CEU training?

To obtain your required credits licensees must take classes provided by coordinators and approved by the BBRS. The BBRS approves coordinators to deliver the appropriate training. The approved classes must impart appropriate and related knowledge in the regulated industries. The student must attend the class in its entirety in order to receive their credits.

Training Coordinators approved by the BBRS

The Contractor Coaching Partnership, Inc. (#CSL-CD-0075) owned by Contractor Business Coach, Mark Paskell. Mark is a training instructor for many of the courses and is an OSHA ceritifed outreach trainer, EPA/RRP and Mass RRP approved instructor.

Remodel My Business, Inc.  (#CSL-CD-0078) Owned by Shawn McCadden. Shawn is a Remodeling Industry Expert, Educator, Trainer, Speaker and Contractor Business Coach.