From Sue and Tim October 2012

Mark was an invaluable resource for Tim & I.   We researched many different avenues for a business coach that specialized in Design-Build remodeling, hoping to find someone local to the Twin Cities.  However after much research, Mark seemed to be the best fit for our specific needs.  Prior to flying to Minnesota, he gathered information on Novare, our current systems, structure, annual sales volume, margins, marketing strategies & sales strategies.  When he arrived in Minnesota, Mark provided a sales process that was tailored to our company & our clientele.  He took the time to listen to our needs, customize his presentation to our company & provided to exact information that we needed.

Novare's sales volume for 2011 was $249,000, after meeting with Mark in September 2011 & implementing his sales process, our sales have doubled.  Our projected sales for 2012 will be $525,000, with a strong backlog going into 2013.

Since his visit,  Mark has continually followed up with us, giving valuable advice with current challenges.  He played a large role in Novare landing a $175,000 renovation project back in February.  The homeowner was very comfortable with our Design-Build process & we consulted with Mark on a few specific items regarding the presentation of the Construction Contract. His coaching helped me gain confidence in our process & my ability to get the project sold.  

I highly recommend Mark for his coaching abilities.  He also has a wealth of knowledge in NARI & related topics, along with OSHA & EPA regulations.  The investment that we have made in flying Mark to Minnesota, spending 2 days with him & keeping in contact over the past year has proven to be very successful.  He has proven to be the missing puzzle piece for Novare also.

Sue and Tim

Novare Renovation and Design

Contractor Coaching Testimonials

We retained Mark, "The Coach", to help us streamline our design build and sales processes.  We had utilized a consultant in the past to help us do this, but left that previous experience feeling that the information provided by the consultant was not specific to our business. Mark was able to effectively communicate how his process could directly impact our business.  He came to our meetings prepared and presented the information in a very systematic way.  We immediately incorporated the systems that we already had in place into his process and were able to create a system that is extremely efficient and effective.  As a result of our work with Mark we have increased the number of quality lead opportunities, and are completing projects even more efficiently.Lets talk more next week about how we can leverage our collective skills to the benefit of us both.Thanks for the help. Have a great weekend!
Thank you, Eric

Eric Gilmore, Manager Construction Operations, Gilmore Building Co., Inc.

"The Lead Carpenter and Systems training has been great. I look forward to the Design/Build sales training we are now starting. Working with someone that has direct knowledge of the industry, has made all the difference in the world.
Thanks Mark

Don Bryan, Bryan Construction, Foxboro, Ma.

Hi Mark, I finally checked out the blog post and commented. I think what you are doing is really great.You are providing a service to an industry in desperate need of it. The sessions have been awesome and you have given much more of yourself to us than was required or agreed to in our contract. I really feel that you truly care about our company and our success and can see that you really love what you do.

Ed Fernandes, Nova Renovation Specialists Inc. Manhattan, New York 

  • Great lead carpenter course! Very knowledgeable and receptive coach who listens and will tailor the course to my company's needs. The guys have come to trust and believe in Mark.
  • This definitely helped me handle myself, my crew and the customers more professionally. It is nice to have an idea of what to say and how to handle it. Thank you Mark.
  • Mark; thank you for the great coaching, teaching and knowledge. Great job and hope to reunite with you sometime in the future.
  • Mark; very interesting and lots of knowledge and expertise to give out.
  • The course taught by Mark Paskell should be taught to anyone in the trades that has to deal with homeowners, subs and vendors. It smooths out communication and keeps channels open. It's also a good management tool.
  • The classes I took were very informative and thorough. The topics and information was immediately useful and will have a lasting impact on improving my relationships with clients at Davidson.

LEAD CARPENTER TRAINING; Davidson Painting and Remodeling; Fitchburg, Ma.

Dear Mark,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: "Back in September of 2008 a number of circumstances brought Mark and I together at a NARI meeting. Within a short period of time I hired Mark as my business coach. Mark has a tremendous amount of quality experiences and training in our industry and a proven track record in sales and marketing.
He has given me the knowledge and courage to rethink the way I market myself and the company. Mark is a master networker and has gotten me to understand the value of networking. He has tremendous insight into the sales process and is able to get that information across to his student.
One of the unique advantages of working with Mark is that he already has established a vast network of people with whom he readily shares all of his connections. I have probably met more people in the last 4 months than my last two years in business. It has been a great experience and I am still working with Mark, acting as my sales manager and my board of directors. He will also work the booth for me in our upcoming home shows.
Mark is an excellent value. He always gives way more than what I paid for. I can't thank Mark enough for all he has done and is doing for me and my business."
Service Category: Business Consultant
Year first hired: 2008 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

Recommendation on LinkedIn From NARI member