Making Money with a Real Lead Carpenter System
- How and Why!

The lead carpenter system is so far the most effective and profitable production method to impact the residential remodeling industry.

lead carpenterMany companies are enjoying the countless advantages this system helps facilitate including increase volume, higher profits, better customer satisfaction and employee retention.

Yet most companies, as well as many carpenters calling themselves lead carpenters, don’t really understand the roles and responsibilities of a “true” lead carpenter. As a result many make the costly mistake of adapting the system to their current way of doing business, instead of remodeling their businesses to support a real Lead Carpenter System.

Before you can implement the system at your business you must first understand what is really expected of a Lead Carpenter. Only then can you get your business ready to support and take advantage of Lead Carpenters and the Lead Carpenter System. Done right, the cost to put it in place can quickly become a profitable investment for the business as well as its employees.

Lead Carpenter System Workshop Class Description

At this half-day workshop Remodeling Industry experts Shawn McCadden and Mark Paskell will provide an overview of what a remodeling company needs to consider and put in place to take full advantage of a true Lead Carpenter System.

Learning Objectives: At this Workshop You will Learn:

  • The difference between a Lead Carpenter driven production system and a Production Manager driven system
  • Whether you and your business are ready for a Lead Carpenter System
  • How to tell whether you really have lead carpenters- the job description
  • What it takes to find and keep the right Lead Carpenters for your business
  • The 3 main reasons a Lead Carpenter System fails
  • When to add a Production Manager and how to choose the right one
  • How to make sure what gets built is what was sold!
  • How to use profit sharing to help create, motivate and keep the best Lead Carpenters working for your business
  • How to choose the right carpenters to become your future Lead Carpenters


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