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Do you run and own your business or does it run and own you?
Are you busy working in your business or on your business?

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It was never supposed to be this way but somehow you arrived here. You started your own business to create wealth and independence for you and your family. You are great at your trade and you were doing just fine, until you had to hire others to help do the work and service the demanding, all- knowing homeowner. Seems like no one can do it as well or as fast as you, so you may as well do it yourself. Who can you trust to do it as well as you? Now you face challenges with cash flow, marketing, lead generation, sales, customer demands and balancing time for you and family. You're not as happy as when you started your company. Life was more manageable and simpler then. What happened? Did you know then, that running a business has little to do with being a great craftsman?

Does any of the following sound familiar?

You are frustrated by employee problems, losing money on jobs, not enough leads, losing numerous bids to low-ball contractors, consumers treating you as an unpaid consultant, expecting you to work for free, working 70-80 hours per week for peanuts, wife and kids complaining you are never there, restless nights and on and on.... if any of this sounds like your situation, consider teaming with a contractor business coach who is experienced in residential construction and running a business that services the homeowner market!

The majority of contractors fail in the first five years due to lack of systems and business training on how to run a business!

Your solution to take back your life

The Contractor Coaching Partnership coaches and mentors contractors servicing the residential homeowner construction market. We'll help you develop, train and implement marketing, sales, production and administrative processes that will become your systems so you can focus on the most important matters. We will help you establish goals and outcomes and hold you accountable.

Implementation is the key

Reading industry related books, attending seminars, webinars, training sessions, or participating in trade organizations are great but they will have minimal effect unless you have the ability and desire to implement the knowledge you learn from them. Webster defines IMPLEMETATION as: "the power and authority necessary to accomplish or put into effect" 

If you tried to fix it before and are still having the same issues, wearing all the hats, no time for you and family, insufficient leads and sales, shrinking margins and insane customer demands, don't wait until it is too late to get help. Your contractor coach is only a phone call away, contact us now for a no-obligation introductory contractor coaching consultation.