Mass RRP Lead Safe Renovation Supervisor 4 Hour Refresher & 8 Hour Initial Training Courses

The Contractor Coaching Partnership Inc, is an accredited Mass RRP LSRS training provider. We train the Mass DLS 8 Hour RRP Initial and 4 Hour Refresher Certification Course. 

Contractors trained on the Lead Safe Renovator Supervisor class must complete the 4 hour refresher course to renew their certifications within 5 years. The State of Mass Department of Labor Standards recommends that contractors obtain their training within a minimum of 60 days before their 5 year expiration date. Certified Renovators/Lead Safe Renovator Supervisors can obtain the renewal before the 60 days. if you let your Certification lapse you cannot perform RRP work.

  • Lead Safe Renovation Supervisor 4 Hour Refresher
  • Lead Safe Renovation Supervisor 8 Hour Initial Certification
  • RRP Implementation Workshops
  • RRP Consulting 


  • Principal Instructor; Mark Paskell

  • Mass Approved Instructor; Shawn McCadden

Enforcement Information in Massachusetts
  • RRP Enforcement by DLS in Massachusetts has fined over 100 contractors for RRP violations! See list 
  • Mass Department of Labor Standards signs agreement with Office of Consumer Affairs 
  • Region 1 OSHA and EPA sign agreement to joint enforce RRP and OSHA in New England!

Why choose us for your Mass RRP Training?

Simple, we are contractors training contractors with extensive experience in the remodeling and home improvement industry. In 2010 The Contractor Coaching Partnership Inc provided training for over 4000 contractors in Mass and 1000 in New York. Mark and Shawn are from Mass and are contractor business coach's working with residential contractors all over the country. We meet often with the EPA and Mass DLS to stay abreast of changes to keep the industry informed. Shawn's RRPedia blog is one of the most comprehensive resources on the RRP Law in the country. Mark, the current President of EMNARI is also Chairman of Government Affairs where he is a liason between the trade association and regulators.

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Who Should Take this Training?

  • Remodelers / Carpenters
  • Window Contractors
  • Siding Contractors
  • Renovation Contractors
  • Painters
  • Plumbers and Electricians
  • Roofers
  • Handymen
  • Insurance Restoration Contractors
  • Cable and IT installers 
  • Anyone disturbing more than 6 sq.ft. of interior and/or 20 sq.ft. of exterior painted surfaces on pre-1978 homes.