Registration Closed RRP Implementation Workshop Hosted By Ring's End on June 13th, 2014 in Stratford Connecticut

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The EPA has made massive changes to the RRP Law since 4/22/2010. Most contractors have not updated their knowledge or even have the right manual!

The EPA has announced that they will audit 200 New Haven Connecticut companies. They will request paperwork from jobs done up to three years prior. If this was you will have your paperwork documentation in order or get fined because you cannot prove you are compliant?

Come to this workshop to learn what you must do to be in compliance and avoid being fined if the Mass RRP officials show up on your jobsite.

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Date; 6/13/2014


Location; Ring's End 160 Avon St Stratford CT

Registration is $159.00 per person. 

Hosted by Ring's End EPA RRP Workshop Ring's End CT

 Your RRP Implementation Checklist; 

  • Did you certify (license) your firm with the THE EPA
  • Are you using the updated Renovate Right Brochures on all pre 1978 homes?
  • Have you purchased and are you using the revised updated version of the RRP manual from 2011?
  • Are you using the right paperwork forms to comply with the recordkeeping requirements of the law for the EPA?
  • Are you aware of the EPA amendments and how they affect your RRP work?
  • Are you sure you know the responsibilities of Certified Renovator and the Certified Firm?
  • Are you compliant with the OSHA requirements regarding the RRP Law?
  • Did you purchase your HEPA vacuum that meets the EPA Standard?
  • Did you purchase warning signs that comply with EPA and OSHA?
  • Are you up to date on what test kits you can use?
  • Are you up to date on what surfaces can be tested with the approved test kits and what cannot?
  • Did you revamp your contract language to protect your company?
  • Have you reviewed your insurance coverage?
  • Have you determined the costs of the new changes that need to be covered in your estimate process?
  • Have you created a filing system to make sure you keep your records are organized for 3 years?
  • Have you made sure your subs are compliant?

Workshop Date, Time, Location and Registration

 Date: Friday. June 13th 2014
 Time: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Rings End

160 Avon St.

Stratford, CT                              

Registration Fee:

$159.00 per person


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