OSHA Subpart M, L, & X Fall Protection Training @ Ring's End Stratford CT 10/3/2014

OSHA Enforcement on Fall Protection in Bridgeport, CT and Region 1 (New England) is picking up. On the OSHA website the Bridgeport Connecticut office reports that from 1/1/2014 to 3/10/2014 there were 76 OSHA inspections. 50% of the reported inspections are Construction Companies!

Residential contractors are required by OSHA to comply with the Fall Protection Directive which went into effect on 12/16/2010. The new OSHA directive affects any contractor who works at heights of 6 feet or above on wood frame structures. Residential contractors, builders and trades are required to use safety nets, guard rails and or fall arrest systems when working 6' above lower levels. OSHA is concerned with all workers on the job site. This includes employees and Sub Contractors. General Contractors need to make sure that their subs also comply with the directive or they could face multi employer fines if OSHA comes on the job site and issues citations.

Fall Related Deaths and Fines in the News

19 year old New Hampshire boy killed by steel bracket

Connecticut worker killed in Shelton from fall

Connecticut Remodeler fined by OSHA $127,560 for failure to provide fall protection on Stratford, Conn Project

What you must do to comply with the OSHA Fall Protection Directive;

  • Create a written fall protection plan for your company describing your practices and the equipment you will provide for your workers to protect them from fall hazards.

  • When working 6 feet above the ground or other surface you must use one or a combination of the following; guard rails, fall arrest systems and safety nets.

  • You must effectively train your workers and prove through documentation that they were trained.

  • If you can prove using one of the three standards is infeasible you must write a site specific fall protection plan showing alternative methods and keep it on site.

Our training will help you comply with the Fall Protection Standard, protect your workers and be ready when OSHA visits your job site.


The Standard, Ladders and Stairways, Aerial Lifts, Scissor Lifts, Pump Jack Staging, Scaffolding, Job Hazard Assessments, How to write your main plan (template plan provided), How to write a site specific plan, Floor and wall openings, Elevated levels, Harnesses, Fall Arrest Systems, Safety Nets and more. You will be provided with numerous Forms, Templates and Tools to implement this standard into your business. You will receive a Certificate of Completion at the conclusion of the training. Will show you the type of equipment you will need to meet the standard and where you can find it.

This training is for remodelers, home builders, roofers, painters, siding installers, gutter installers, electricians and any contractor who works at heights of 6 feet above lower levels.

Who should attend; Business Owners, Estimators, Foremen, Crew Leaders, Superintendents, Project Managers, Competent Person, Workers

Training time will be 8:00 AM until 2:30 PM. Lunch will be included.

DIRECTIVE#: STD 03-11-002

EFFECTIVE DATE: December 16, 2010

Information from OSHA website on fall protection