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Mark has a unique skill set as a design build remodeling coach.  I have never been a salesperson by nature. And sales has been the part of the business that i have enjoyed the least.  Mark has taught me to look at my role not as a salesperson but instead as a professional consultant. Week by week I am learning so much more. I am surprised to hear myself say that i am actually starting to enjoy the the sales part of the business.  I highly recommend Mark without hesitation!  

Scott Hall

Scott Hall Remodeling Columbus, Ohio

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Contractors not interested in being a RRP "snitch" for the EPA


To snitch or not to snitch, that is the question. Last week at the EMNARI dinner there was a discussion on the subject of contractors reporting illegal contractors to the authorities. This subject never fails to raise the volume of any conversation.

Anonymous Hotlines; one of government's tools for enforcement 

                  State of Mass                          EPA

The use of anonymous hotlines is becoming a standard tactic used by federal and state agencies. The EPA and most states employ this tactic and urge both the public and the industry to report on illegal contracting activity.

Some contractors have no problem dropping a dime on the illegal contractor who is stealing work from their marketplace. Contractors tell us often that they are fed up with underground contractors stealing jobs from their area. These contractors hate the fact that illegal aliens, moonlighting fireman, teachers, municipal workers and fly by night contractors are allowed to work with impunity in many areas.

Others contractors state they would never drop the dime, ever. In the conversation last week one contractor said "why should the enforcement fall to contractors or homeowners making the call. I am not interested in being a snitch for the EPA or DOS. If the EPA or DOS is in charge then they should do their job. It is wrong to pit contractors against each other."

Another chimed in and said "they take our money and expect us to rat out others in our industry? We have enough to do to follow other regulations and deal with a consumer who wants us to work for less. Take the money from fees, catch the illegal contractors and fine them to fund enforcement."

What do you think is the right thing to do? Report illegal contracting activity or ignore it and leave it to chance?

mark the coach 

mark the coach

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why should contractors be droping dimes all it does is keep epa&dos cronies in a job it is your tax dollars that is funding this whole thing the code of silents is better we should be calling darthbamas office in washington or your senaters pick up the phone what do you got to lose only your bussiness get off your ass
Posted @ Sunday, January 09, 2011 7:33 PM by paul k
We should turn them in, we should also turn in the contractors that misclassify their employees, instead of wearing our blinders. If we did this our industry as a whole will improve. We work to educate our clients of the positive and negative of not following the codes. If they refuse to do it correctly then they deserve to b turned in
Posted @ Monday, January 10, 2011 7:07 AM by max
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