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Blizzard of 2018 hammers Mass homeowners; Get ready for insurance claims

Posted by Mark Paskell on Thu, Jan 04, 2018 @ 08:23 PM

They are calling the Blizzard of 2018, causing widespread damage in Massachusetts, a bomb cyclone. We are about to see an explosion of thousands of homeowners filing insurance claims for water damage, tree/branch/wind damage and flooding. Contractors, get ready for frantic calls from property owners to help them restore their property and provide an estimate for repairs for the insurance company. If you need help with this we have the Insurance Claim Workshop for remodelers and contractors on January 24th, 2018. We teach contractors the ins and outs of estimating and dealing with insurance repair work. 

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Tags: insurance claims, ice dams, water damage

Remodeler rewarded for helping homeowner with low ball insurance claim estimate

Posted by Mark Paskell on Wed, Sep 14, 2016 @ 08:19 AM

In 2015 a Boston area remodeler was approached by a homeowner who was the recipient of a low ball insurance claim estimate. The first offer from the insurance company was $40,000.00. After the remodeler took our Insurance Claim Workshop and used the tools learned in the class, the claim was settled for the right scope of work and price of $

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Tags: homeowner, insurance claims, pre-loss condition, ice dams, estimates