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MA Stretch Energy Code Spreads Massive Confusion 4 Building Inspectors

Additions and Level 3 Alterations impacted  by MA 2023 Stretch Code

MA BBRS; follow new Stretch Code + 2021 IECC + MA Amendments

No more Contractor CSL License Cards from MA BBRS

Map of 2023 stretch code cities/towns in Massachusetts

MA DOER 2021 Stretch Code Effective 1/1/2023 without grace period

Mandatory Home Energy Scorecard, Energy Audits Legislation in Mass

New Mass Continuing Education Requirements for Constuction Supervisor Licensees

Blizzard of 2018 hammers Mass homeowners; Get ready for insurance claims

2015 Ice dam insurance claim of 25K finally settled for $220,000

New Public Adjuster Services Page for Insurance Claims

Are contractors required to provide OSHA 10 and 30 training for employees?

Thousands of homeowners at risk for low ball Xactimate estimates

Insurance claim estimate for water damage short on scope and money

OSHA Fines are huge...Contractor fined $159,343

OSHA will continue targeting residential contractors in 2017

New OSHA fine increases are hitting contractors hard

Remodeler rewarded for helping homeowner with low ball insurance claim estimate

Change orders; written, approved and paid before you do them.

Residential contractors get wake up call; OSHA Fines increase 78%

New Mass codes; 2015 IECC, Solar Panel & Electric Vehicle Ready Structures 

As America celebrates the 4th, OSHA increases fines

OSHA 10 certification is not fall protection training

Building Science Seminar with CLEAResult 4 MA Contractors

Insurance companies continue to low ball homeowner claim estimates

Contractors need to report job site injuries to OSHA in 24 hours

Another contractor death..26 yo not wearing OSHA req. fall protection

9 reasons why contractors need to pay attention to OSHA regulations

Jobs for Lead Carpenters, Remodeling Sales & Roofing & Painting Sales

MA contractor misclassify workers, defraud workmens comp can go jail

OSHA fines MA Contractor $188,760 for fall protection violations

Handling Ice/Snow Damage Insurance Claims & Roof Fall Safety

Contractor worked on a frame, he fell and then he died

Fall death, injury or OSHA fine, then contractors do training

10 New Year's Resolutions for Residential Contractors;

Mass CSL contractors opt for live (CEU) continuing education

OSHA Fines MA Contractor 5 times in 2015, 4 fall protection violations

OSHA to increase fines 80% based on inflation index

Why do residential contractors ignore OSHA Fall Protection standards?

Homeowner finds out insurance policy will not pay for code updates

Before you hire a lead carpenter learn and implement the system

We are coming over the bridge to Cape Cod; MA CSL CEU Training

MA Continuing Education 4 Contractor License Renew Making a Difference

Estimating for Profit & Markup Workshop for Contractors and Remodelers

Contractor Training & Education; Online Versus Live with Peers

Before you hire a lead carpenter, develop a Lead Carpenter System

Contractor avoids OSHA Fall Protection Fines by working on the weekend

Job management; pre-construction meetings & the lead carpenter system

2015 Winter not over 4 thousands of MA homeowners, waiting on insurance claims

Construction Business Owner 6 month check, will you reach your goals?

Lead Carpenter System Workshop for Remodeler Business Owners

7 Strategies Contractors Use To Increase Insurance Claims Fairly

Will the next contractor fall death be on your residential job site?

Fall Protection Violations Continues To Lead OSHA 10 Most Cited List

Mass Contractors face increased scrutiny from OSHA Emphasis Programs

Wanted; Qualified Lead Carpenters in Metro Boston Area

Contractors finding more low ball insurance estimates

EPA Extends Deadline For Contractors To Renew RRP Certification

Fall protection left out of insurance estimate 4 roof damage repairs

Cloaking device for insurance companies claim estimates; Xactimate

Why you cannot trust an Xactimate estimate for your insurance claim

Time to start thinking about OSHA Fall Protection Compliance

Insurance companies & adjusters lowball homeowners & contractors

Contractors report insurance claims as low as 1/3 of actual damage

Contractor convinces insurance company to increase claim by $35,000!

Don't settle insurance claims on first offer, the real # is more!

Storm/ice dam claim; Insurance adjuster $8,000; Remodeler $40,000

Another storm is brewing in Massachusetts...OSHA Enforcement

Insurance Cos Defraud Sandy Victims; Are Mass Homeowners Next?

No fall protection causes serious injuries; falls thru skylights, MA

Workshop 4 Contractors, Handling Storm Damage Insurance Claims

Instead of playing not to lose, choose play to win

Handling Ice Dam and Water Damage Insurance Claims Effectively

What volume of business does a contractor need to be successful?

Business Education Course 4 CBO's at Middlesex Comm College

Another Mass job site with dangerous staging in Newton, Mass

Does this contractor worker need Fall protection? OSHA might think so

Mass RRP Refresher Training Heating Up...Remember EPA in 2010?

Professional Remodeler Trade Group; EMNARI to induct new leaders

Business Education and Peer Groups 4 Ma & NH Contractors

Costs of Construction Owner Business Training vs College Education

Does your construction business model need remodeling?

OSHA 10 Most Cited 2014, Fall Protection Violations # 1 Again

OSHA's 10 Most Cited 2014; Fall Protection Violations, Number 1 Again

12 Steps contractors need to take to comply with OSHA Fall Protection

Head to toe, Ma contractor dons PPE, ready to take on RRP lead work

Time to get on board with OSHA Fall Protection Training or Face Fines

Your remodeling services are not a commodity; charge for your advice

We're Back! 5 Year Mass RRP Renewal Training Begins

Does your budget include money for OSHA, HIC or RRP Fines?

Get ready for continued scrutiny from OSHA on fall protection

MA changes RRP firm application on respiratory & medical monitoring

OSHA nailing contractors who ignore worker fall protection safety

Are you making what you estimated on your remodeling projects?

Where have all the lead carpenters gone? Lead Carpenters Wanted!

Conn contractor nailed for $294,000 for fall protection violations

New APP For OSHA Safety Meetings and Tool Box Talks

RRP Refresher Training in Mass For Certified Renovators (LSRS)

10 ways OSHA finds out about your construction job site;

Reducing OSHA fines by 50% after a contractor job site inspection

Do you trust and really know your numbers? Estimating Workshop

Mass contractor photographed by another not using fall protection

What will happen to your business if you are fined by OSHA?

Contractor & Sub fined 4 fall protection on same job in Sterling Mass

Why do contractors wait to be OSHA fined before using Fall Protection?

Architect design for attic remodel incomplete, over homeowner budget

One Mass contractor injured, one crippled and one killed in falls

Fall Protection video from OSHA for residential construction

Carrying shingles up the ladder could be your next OSHA Fine

Mass Contractor Fined $119,350 4 Roofers Death, No Fall Protection

Fines, Citations, And More OSHA Fall Protection Fines and Citations

Remodeling contractor late getting to estimate loses kitchen project

A boys life lost from falling object on job site, the OSHA Fine $4200?

10 Fall Protection Requirements 4 Contractors From OSHA CSHO

Estimating tools 4 contractors to produce accurate estimates quickly

OSHA Fall Protection Training at Harvey Building Products in Ma & NH

Lowes gets nailed for EPA RRP Violations; is Home Depot or YOU next?

Training Schedule for Massachusetts, N H and Conn. Contractors

Conn. contractor OSHA fall protection fines show up in Google search

Your Subcontractors Can Trigger An OSHA Citation & Fine For You

Mass Contractors make the OSHA site inspection list

5 Marketing tips for your business; create referrals through TOMA

OSHA Job Site Audit & Fines Posted On The OSHA Website

OSHA focusing on Fall Protection in Residential Construction in Mass

Estimating Workshop 4 Contractors; Produce Accurate & Fast Estimates

How to Houzz! coming to speak to EMNARI remodelers

Use this Remodeling Cost vs Value video tool to educate homeowners

Free estimates vs free consultations for remodeling projects

Using the Cost vs Value Report to educate homeowners on budget/cost

2014 is here. Is it time to work with a Contractor Business Coach?

Remodeler Business Workshops; Estimating, Cradle to Grave & RRP

RRP Implementation Workshop 4 Mass Contractors Is Back

Cradle to Grave System To Manage & Grow Your Contracting Bus.

Happy Thanksgiving from The Contractor Coaching Partnership

Mass RRP workshop for contractors, remodelers and trades

Free Spray foam insulation workshops for Massachusetts contractors

OSHA focus on residential contractors spurs interest in OSHA 10 & 30

Fall Protection on top of OSHA 10 most cited for 2012-2013; AGAIN

OSHA offices closed due to government shut down

MA Contractor CSL License Lapses; Can't Pull Permits, Must Re-test

Estimating, Pricing and Producing Successful Construction Projects

MA Contractors (CSL's): are you buying CEU's or CEU's w/ Education

Mass Contractors cited by OSHA For Fall Protection Violations

Contractor Education: On line Training Advantages & Disadvantages

OSHA Update: Fall Protection, Haz-Com & NEP on Isocyanates (SPF)

Contractor client takes care of a neighbor using design build process

Fall Training Schedule, Construction Supervisor & Fall Protection CEU

When will the contractor carnage from falls stop?

Mass contractor killed in fall from roof: no fall protection?

OSHA Fall Protection Training for Mass residential contractors

Interior Design Bills Threaten Kitchen/Bath/Remodeler Designers

Remodelers: Install The Lead Carpenter System Before You Hire Leads

Contractor's Website HI-JACKED, Customer Lead Sold To Others

Roofer killed in fall from roof in Westport CT; OSHA investigates

Mass Unlicensed Contractor Nailed By AG For Bilking Consumers

Last minute Mass contractors looking for CEU's before CSL expires

Mass contractor fined $290,700 by OSHA for fall protection violations

Contractor Stings in California and New Jersey Is Mass Next?

Connecticut & NH Contractors Fined by OSHA 4 Fall Hazards in Mass

Residential Contractors Lacking OSHA Fall Protection Knowledge

Contractor$: Are you donating the co$t of your truck to your cu$tomer

9 Hats Residential Contractors Wear

Fall Protection Safety Tool Box Talk For Contractors

Contractors must train workers before they are exposed to the hazards

EPA RRP Fines announced, Mass RRP Fines Posted on Website

OSHA budget, increases for whistleblower program, less for education

Contractor's worker fall from ladder causes owner to focus on safety

Contractors, "if you find yourself in a hole stop digging!"

Contractors: use escalation clauses to protect against price increase

EMNARI Design Build Seminar @ Sterritt Lumber; 2 CEU 4 Contractors

Region 1 OSHA Fall Protection LEP revised to 9/30/2013

OSHA basics for residential contractors: Pathway to Job Safety

Do Contractors Need OSHA 10? Written Programs? Safety Manuals?

Immiment Danger, Workers Exposed to Fall Hazards Southboro, Mass

Mass CEU Construction Supervisor License Training Schedule

Contractors issued stop work orders for worker misclassification

Contractor Training 4 Spring, Mass RRP, OSHA Fall Protection, OSHA 10

OSHA Fall Protection enforcement extension ends on 3/15/2013

Mass DLS Posts RRP Enforcement Activity: Contractor RRP Violations

Sales workshop 4 remodeling contractors: Smart Selling 4 Tough Times

Remodeling contractors seeking qualified lead carpenters: 4 jobs open

OSHA Fall Protection Temp Enforcement For Construction ends 3/15/13

Mass Constuction Supervisor License Trainings & Real Education

OSHA Fall Protection Training Requirements for Contractors

Contractor snow removal work, insurance claims and working safe

Mass Construction Supervisor License CEU's in Mansfield 2/28 & 3/7

Mass Construction Supervisor License CEU's in Leominster 3/6 & 3/8

Marketing Boot Camp Workshop for Remodelers and Contractors

Fall Protection Enforcement Top Priorty in Region 1: MA, CT, NH, RI

Contractor Business Success Program Workshops: 5 slots left

OSHA Fall Protection Fines, Roofing Contractor in Connecticut

Continuing Education Training, focusing on contractor EDUCATION

Contractors, How are you doing on your New Year's Resolutions?

Managing Change Orders On Remodeling Projects

Shawn McCadden to teach CEU class with The Contractor Coaching Partnership

Construction Supervisor Licenses for Mass Contractors Are Delayed

Course to become an unlicensed contractor

EMNARI guest speaker Kermit Baker of Harvard Housing on 2/6/2013

Training dates for contractors OSHA 10 and Fall Protection

Contractor Craftsman or Contractor Businessman: Which Are You?