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Mass contractor photographed by another not using fall protection

Posted by Mark Paskell on Thu, Jul 10, 2014 @ 08:55 AM

This contractor working on a Main St in West Harwich, Ma was photographed by another contractor riding by. The contractor was in one of our fall protection trainings and he tells me that he is seeing activity like this all over Cape Cod.

These pictures were sent to me yesterday. Notice he snapped a photo of the location.

Notice they are wearing harnesses yet they are not tied off.

Notice the ladder is not set up three feet over the roof edge.

Would you want to walk on this staging?

Are they too close to the power line?

What do you think OSHA will do when they ride by this job site?

OSHA is getting pictures like this from other contractors.

We recommend that you make sure that all your workers are tied off when up on levels 6 feet or more above another. Also we recommend that you do not allow any subcontractor to work on your job site unless they are following the OSHA safety standards. The General Contractor who hires unsafe subs to work on the job site can get fined too!

The price for ignoring the safety rules can be severe injury, death and fines in the thousands. 

Need help on training your men or getting your sub contractors to follow the rules, we can help.

No fall protection Mass

Ladder violation in Cape Cod Mass

Site location of OSHA fall protection violations

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