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Estimating Workshop 4 Contractors; Produce Accurate & Fast Estimates

Posted by Mark Paskell on Sun, Mar 09, 2014 @ 07:04 PM

Contractors inability to produce fast and accurate estimates and proposals can lead to lost jobs when impatient homeowners hire others with quicker service.  In Eastern Massachusetts we are about to have a busy remodeling year (some are already swamped) and consumers will want to get their projects priced, ordered and scheduled as soon as the winter breaks. Will you be ready?

                                    4 CEU's for Mass CSL's

2014 Remodeling Industry Forecast from Harvard Housing; high demand for remodeling and home improvement work

Last week Kermit Baker from Harvard Housing Studies spoke at Eastern Mass NARI. He reported that in 2014 remodeling and home improvement projects will exceed the high water level reached in 2007. He said the remodeling and home improvement industry has almost fully recovered the losses from the 2008 recession.

Baker said the Boston market is one of the best in the country. With a highly educated and compensated workforce homeowner demand is high and we will likely grow another 9% this year. 

There is a post recession pent up high demand and impatient consumers who want what they want now. Many will choose contractors who can quickly satisfy their needs and wants and produce timely estimates and scope of work proposals. Taking too long will open the door for your competition.

Are you ready to quickly and accurately estimate home improvement and remodeling projects for consumers who want quick turnaround on pricing and scheduling projects?Excel estimating for contractors 

We live in a world where everyone wants push button service. When homeowners come calling this spring they will want prices and scope of work proposals for their projects quickly. Take too long and they will hire another who can produce a fixed price and scope of work proposal fast.    

Hands On Estimating Workshop With Shawn McCadden and The Contractor Coaching Partnership To Produce Fast and Accurate Estimates You Can Count On.

Hosted by Harvey Building Products.         Harvey Building Products    4 CEU's for Mass CSL's

Click one of the following dates to register TODAY

March 20th Harvey BP in Londonderry New Hampshire

March 26th,  Harvey BP in Waltham, Ma.

To help you take advantage of this strong market our estimating workshop will give you estimating tools that will help you to accurately and quickly produce estimates and subsequent scope of work proposals. Having the ability to accurately and quickly estimate your projects can lead to beating your competition. 

Shawn McCadden has developed the following Estimate Templates for each person attending the Estimating Workshop:

  • General Use Estimate Template
  • Roofing Estimate Template
  • Siding Estimate Template
  • Window Estimate Template 
Each contractor will receive these templates on a flash drive to take back to their business for immediate use. Register now and out perform your competition by producing accurate and quick estimates to win the projects you want.


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