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MA Contractors (CSL's): are you buying CEU's or CEU's w/ Education

Posted by Mark Paskell on Mon, Sep 02, 2013 @ 08:29 PM

Mass Construction Supervisor Licensed contractors have heard by now that they are required to obtain continuing education credits to renew their CSL license. As of July 1. 2013 each CSL will need to take courses approved for credits by the BBRS.

There are many approved coordinators and courses.

Which one should you choose? How do you measure the value?

One thing a contractor might consider is are you just looking for CEU's or are you looking for CEU's with an education?

How important is it that your educator has years of successful experience in the same industry you work?

Do you think it is important that you check out your teacher before you send in your check or give your credit card number?

Some contractors are just looking for CEU's at the cheapest price from just anyone (who may have no residential construction experience). There are trainers out there saying they are keeping the price down by not providing drinks or lunch. Have you ever been to a day long training without lunch or refreshments? Did it affect your learning experience?

I have been told by several contractors that they got their CEU's but they did not learn anything because:

  • they could not relate to the instructor
  • the instructor's material was boring and was read from the slide
  • the instructor's material was not relevant to their current business challenges

Some contractors are opting for the online option without really knowing how irritating and confusing it can be.

In our last 2 Day CSL CEU class at Brockway Smith and contractor said he signed up for an online course and it was a nightmare. He signed up and took our class.

Just CEU's or CEU's with Education

The team we put together includes National Remodeling Industry Author, Speaker and Educator Shawn McCadden. Shawn is considered one of the best educators (see contractor testimonials) at the annual JLC Live and Remodeling Show hosted by Hanley Wood. He has educated thousands of contractors across the country.Shawn McCadden

I am so fortunate that Shawn has joined me to provide the best possible education to Massachusetts contractors. In our trainings you get valuable training that can improve your business and help you make more money quickly.

Another significant factor is Shawn and I are Contractor Business Coach's and Mentors with over 50 years cumulative experince in the residential construction industry. Working with residential contractors is our liveleihood. You receive two days of education from coaches who know your world. We give you numerous tools that you can take back to your business and use right away. We share our experiences with you in the class in an interactive setting with other contractors. This round table like setting allows you to collaborate with real life situations with others who face the same battle you face everyday.

Remember what you learned long ago from a parent or mentor "you usually get what you pay for"

Shawn and I believe we must deliver more value than the investment you make. And that is what we do. If you just want CEU's than we are not your trainers. But if you want CEU's and useful education that will help you now in your business then we would be honored to have you.

Contractor Continuing Education Courses for Massachusetts Construction Supervisors are now on the fall calender. Click here for more information and registration.

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