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Map of 2023 stretch code cities/towns in Massachusetts

Posted by Mark Paskell on Tue, Jan 10, 2023 @ 08:17 AM

The map of MA stretch code cities and towns includes 299 communities. We received several calls today from MA Construction Licensed Supervisors with questions about what towns will be enforcing the new 2021 MA DOER stretch code. One of the contractors has a project under contract but they did not apply for the permit before 1/1/2023. The contractor's project is in a stretch code community and the work is a level 3 renovation including new exterior siding. The 2021 stretch code triggered updates are not figured in the estimate. If the building inspector wants the updates included, it will cost thousands of dollars. This will lead to additional costs and change orders and possibly a touchy conversation with the customer.

These municipalities have adopted the stretch energy code provisions for residential and commercial building. When the stretch code is revised, these communities are required to adopt the newest version. The stretch code is enforced by the local building official. Check the map to see if the town you are working in will require following the new 2021 stretch code. This information is vital if you are pricing a new remodeling or building project. Chances are your client has no idea how these new requirements will impact project costs. It is better for your client and yourself to address code triggered energy updates before the contract is signed.

MA Construction Supervisor Education

In my MA CSL CEU classes I have talked about the evolving energy code for 8 years. Always urging CSL's to be ahead of the curve so you can educate your clients. The movement to NET Zero Building Code has arrived here in Massachusetts. In my classes I will provide updates and resources for Construction Supervisors Licensed contractors.

Below map from the MA DOER.

Map 2021 Stretch code


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