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Does this contractor worker need Fall protection? OSHA might think so

Posted by Mark Paskell on Wed, Jan 14, 2015 @ 04:17 PM

No Fall Protection Yarmouth Mass
Here we go again, a framing contractor with no fall protection exposed to an imminent danger condition.
A Cape Cod contractor sent me these pictures of a construction project in West Yarmouth, Ma. The contractor said he watched this young man working by himself for a half hour. The young man struggled loading the plywood on to the roof and had to start the first course of sheathing by himself hanging over the edge. Shouldn't this be a two or three man project?
This project is large condominium complex being constructed on route 28 in West Yarmouth, Ma.
The worker has no protection from falling as required by OSHA. In our fall protection training classes we use pictures like these sent from contractors we trained. Some of these contractors send the pictures they take in to OSHA. 
The Cape Cod contractor said he is seeing a lot of jobs like this around Hyannis, Ma.  Unsafe work fall protection mass
In this shot we see the worker about to lay a sheet of decking. There are no cleats or brackets with planks below. One slip an he will be one hurting camper.
Fall Protection violation in Mass
Above Nice work platform holding up 10 sheets of plywood.
Below is the job site contractor sign the contractor said was taken to assist OSHA in locating the job site.
Jobsite sign at site with no fall protection cape cod mass
Falls continue to be the leading cause of construction deaths in residential construction. Failure to have fall protection heads OSHA's top ten most cited violation list again this year.
In order to comply with the OSHA fall protection standards contractors must provide fall protection whenever men are exposed to fall hazards 6 feet or more above a lower level. The worker in this picture would be protected if he wore a harness attached to an anchor point or if guard rails were erected.
No Fall Protection Training
Most likely this worker was not trained to work safe by his employer. OSHA will hold this worker's employer responsible and may hold the general contractor accountable as well under the Multi-Employer Citation Policy. OSHA requires that contractors have a safety training program and written plan in place.
Multiple Employer OSHA Citations and Fines
For general contractors, builders and remodelers I recommend that you do not allow your sub-contractors to work on your job sites without fall protection. Your sub-contractor's unsafe work practices can cause an OSHA job site audit and bring the Agency's attention to all trades working on the site.  
We can help you and your trades get on board with fall protection training and safety plans. Contact Mark.  

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