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Estimating, Pricing and Producing Successful Construction Projects

Posted by Mark Paskell on Tue, Sep 03, 2013 @ 10:10 AM

Contractors and remodelers often learn estimating skills through the school of hard knocks. The estimate is often written on a yellow pad or any available writing surface such as a piece of cardboard, napkin or piece of wood.

Then contractors often use the WAG estimating method (Wild A@@ Guess) and after losing money and time on jobs they graduate to the SWAG method (Scientific Wild A@@ Guess).

Which estimating system do you use?

Yellow Pad Method vs Excel Wookbooks                        Estiamting for remodelers

In our Estimating, Pricing and Producing Successful Construction Projects continuing education training course we teach contractors how using the excel work book program can save them time and money. Contractors and remodelers in our class share their stories on how using the yellow pad method has cost them countless hours doing and re-doing estimates. Many contractors have admitted they do not know how they are going to do on a job until it is done.

Are you losing sleep over wondering if you have enough money to finish your project, cover payroll or pay your bills?

Our teacher Shawn McCadden shares some of his personally developed estimating tools in the course and shows contractors and remodelers how to easily use these tools in their business. Imagine how it would feel if you could save time an money by knowing exactly what is in your budget?

Who is taking the course?

This course is taken by remodelers, contractors and trades who are sick of losing money using their school of hard knock estimating methods and those who are frustrated trying to figure out confusing and expensive estimating software program. Proper use of these tools allows you to go back an modify estimates without starting over.

Approved for CEU's

As a bonus this course is also approved for 6 continuing education credits towards your construction supervisor license renewal in Massachusetts. Contractors can sign up for just this day.

What if I already have my credits?

Some contractors have already fulfilled their CEU requirements and do not need more right now. The great news is if you take this course now you can use the credits towards your next cycle. They carry forward and can be used later.

To lern more or register for a class click here.

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