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RRP Implementation Workshop 4 Mass Contractors Is Back

Posted by Mark Paskell on Sat, Dec 14, 2013 @ 02:05 PM

RRP is a law that most contractors have mixed emotions about. Since the law became effective in April of 2010 many contractors have taken the 8 hour one day course. However not many have implemented the law into their business practices and they have not applied for the required Certified Firm (Lead Safe Renovation Contractor in Mass) license.

In a recent conversation with a contractor who was visited by RRP enforcement officials he said " I haven't opened my RRP Manual since my training in 2010." This contractor was trained before Mass took over the law and he said he was unaware of changes and the requirement that he must license with the state of Mass, not the EPA.

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There has been numerous changes to both the EPA and Mass RRP Law since 2010. If you are not up to date on these changes you will be a sitting duck if an enforcement official stops by your site.  

RRP Enforcement in Massachusetts is Aggressive Statewide

On November 25th I was at a meeting with the Mass Department of Labor Standards and they announced that they have conducted over 1000 site enforcement visits in Massachusetts in 2013. A look at the Mass RRP Enforcement web page will  reveal that there are many contractors who have been fined for RRP violations in 2013. 

At the meeting Mass DLS Officials said they are disappointed that so few contractors have obtained the required Lead Safe Renovation Contractor License. (Less than 3600 companies have obtained the required license, less than 3000 contractors.) 

At the meeting I learned that Mass will be officially adopting most of the EPA amendments and changes. In addition Mass will be adding and revising some parts of the Mass RRP Law 454 CMR 22.0.

Is your Mass contracting business up to date on RRP licensing and paperwork requirements?Shawn McCadden

If you cannot answer the above question with a [CONFIDENT YES] we recommend that you consider joining us at the RRP Implementation Workshop on 1/7/2014 at National Lumber in Mansfield, Mass.  At this workshop Shawn McCadden and I will help bring you up to date, give you paperwork tools to use in your business and give you practical ideas to protect your business.

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