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Contractors, "if you find yourself in a hole stop digging!"

Posted by Mark Paskell on Thu, Apr 18, 2013 @ 03:59 PM

A frustrated contractor called this afternoon and said he was in a hole and would like help to get out. We spoke for a while and I remember speaking with him last year about the same issue. It appears that the hole he dug for himself last year is now deeper. 

Now he needs a ladder to get out.            ladder out of a hole

He said he wanted to go to one of our Business Seminars Training with Shawn McCadden and myself on business training and continuing education. 

Tough Love From A Coach

Before we got to far into the conversation I asked him why would he want to go now, what is different from our lengthy conversation about coaching last year? I asked what has changed and did he think he was ready to commit to learning how to run his business like a business?

He replied he is sick and tired of worrying about and not having enough money to complete his jobs and have enough left over to pay the bills. He is frustrated that he does't have a good handle on the current situation, lack of work and lack of good leads.

Then the contractor asked me to send him the links to the contractor business seminars

The inspiration for the title of this blog

In a blog article written this week by Remodeleing Industry Expert Shawn McCadden, Shawn explains an all too often scenario describing the plight of contractors today......

Here is an excerpt from Shawn's article... (Click here for the Shawn's full article)  

“If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging”

Contractor Financial problemsShawn writes "A good number of contractors at one time or another find themselves in a financial hole.  Rather than figure out how they got there, they just keep working, often assuming by working harder or longer hours they will eventually get out of the hole.  Unfortunately many of them just dig a deeper hole and eventually the hole is so deep they can’t climb out so they stay in it.  Sometimes the hole can even cave in all around them and bury them and their businesses." 

The residential remodeling market is heating up. We have contractor and remodeling clients who are busy for the next 4-6 months and they are looking to hire more people. (We need Lead Carpenters) They have worked their tale off to be ready for the current uptick in consumer demand and now it is paying off.

If this does not match your scenario you, may without even knowing it, be the contractor digging a deeper hole. Stop digging!

We are placing a ladder here to help you get out.   Success Ladder resized 600 The rest is up to you.

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