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Business Education and Peer Groups 4 Ma & NH Contractors

Posted by Mark Paskell on Sat, Dec 20, 2014 @ 09:54 PM



On March 2, 2015 a new Business Education Program for Professional Contractor Business Owners will begin in Bedford, Mass. The program author is Remodeling Industry Speaker and Educator Shawn McCadden, CR, CLC and CAPS. Shawn has asked me to assist him in delivering this Business Education and Peer Group program to professional remodelers, contractors and and home improvement companies.  

When; Many construction business owners have asked me when we will have a Massachusetts based program to provide them cutting edge business training. Well here it is just in time to help construction business owners in 2015.

Where; The location we have selected is Middlesex Community College in Bedford, Ma. The location is right off route 128 in Burlington within 15 miles of Boston. The campus is well suited and equipped to help us deliver this program to you.

Time; we asked you for the best day and times many requested early in the week and late afternoon to early evening. With your requests in mind we have chosen Mondays' with a late afternoon/early evening time slot. Like a university or college, there will be two semesters with 8 sessions each. We will break for summer. Click here for program scheduled dates.

Exclusive Program With a Limited Number of Participants
The program will be limited to a small group of professional construction companies who must meet a minimum criteria and complete a Program Application. A small group will insure interaction between peers that will enhance the learning experience. This program is for construction business owners who are serious about growing their businesses and implementing what is learned.
Program Topics
This program will be like going for a Masters Degree without the high cost of a college education. Topics will include; Financial System, Marketing, Estimating, Industry Best Practices, Leadership, Remodeling System, Sales Strategies and Management, Design and Specification Process, Communication, Production Process, Job Management, Lead Carpenter Production Concept and more.
Coming Full Circle..the education and peer group program that changed my career..
I know this program will work for serious business owners because I was a member of a group like this 12 years ago. I remember how much I learned from the group trainer/educator and my peers.  I was amazed that the education helped me sell millions of dollars worth of work over the next few years.  It just so happens that my trainer/educator was the same Shawn McCadden.
I knew back then that I wanted to be part of bringing a peer group like this to Massachusetts. Funny how life comes full circle. Shawn guided and helped me develop a great career in remodeling sales and now is asking me to help him bring a top notch education and training program to construction business owners in Mass. 
If you are serious about growing your business and learning with industry experts in your field in a forum with your peers than this group is for you. I hope to hear from you.
To learn more click on the block below or contact Mark at 508-847-0162.
And we wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and hope that you have a Happy New Year!

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