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Use this Remodeling Cost vs Value video tool to educate homeowners

Posted by Mark Paskell on Thu, Jan 23, 2014 @ 08:43 AM

Remodelers who use the Cost vs Value report in their sales process are often asked by homeowners how the costs are figured. Homeowners are trying to learn how the published costs stack up against prices they read online, obtained from low ball contractors or prices they heard on DIY home improvement show. 
Report costs are based on professional remodelers and home improvement contractors, not underground contractors.
In this video, authored by Sal Alfano of Remodeling Magazine, he explains how the costs are figured for the 35 listed projects in the report. Sal then explains that the remodeling project costs are based on professional contractors true costs of running a contracting business. Sal advises homeowners to make sure they hire professional contractors who include profit in case you need them to cover warranty items.
He says these items are factored into the costs;
  • Material
  • Labor with payroll taxes
  • Subcontractors costs
  • General liability
  • Workman's Compensation
  • Overhead
  • Truck and Equipment Costs
  • Profit
Share this third party neutral video with your homeowner prospects and differentiate your company from low ball contractors
Earning the homeowners trust is a very important step in winning their business. Homeowners don't always trust what comes out of the mouth of the contractor salesperson. There are countless examples of contractor nightmare stories. 
This outstanding video tool will help you educate the consumer that the numbers in the Cost vs Value Report are based on professional contracting companies and can be trusted. Using the report effectively in your sales process will help establish the budget and possibly cause the homeowner to think twice about the DIY show costs or considering a low ball price from a contractor who doesn't carry the true costs of doing business. 

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