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Contractor snow removal work, insurance claims and working safe

Posted by Mark Paskell on Sun, Feb 10, 2013 @ 10:35 PM

Contractor Alert! Call up your customers or email them immediately and inform them about the dangers of heavy snow. 

You may get some snow removal and or insurance repair work.

(See strategies to help homeowners and work with insurance companies below)

Nemo has come and gone leaving 30 inches of snow in Massachusetts and parts of Connecticut. The forecast for tomorrow is rain. Just what a roof loaded with snow needs!

Here are some thoughts about writing to your customers on Monday.

"Dear Homeowner: Rain forcast for Monday to add to the weight of 2 feet of snow on Massachusetts and Connecticut Roofs. Did you know that one cubic foot of regular snow weights about 7 pounds. Add rain and that same cubic foot can weight as much as 20 pounds. To prevent damage to your property call us as soon possible and we will schedule our snow removal crew.

Other very important information:

In the event you experience loud noises, cracking or creaking or water stains on your ceilings and walls you may want to call someone to remove the thousands of pounds on your roof.

Insurance claims: if you have to file an insurance claim do not accept the first offer from the insurance company. It is recommended that you have your contractor deal with them. If you go it alone make sure you have the insurance company provide a full detailed scope of work that coincides with the settlement offer.

The insurance company adjustor may tell you to get several estimates for repairs before he gives you a scope of work and estimate amount. He will want you to do his work for him. Then when you get several estimates guess which one he will accept. Insurance companies offer low cost estimates hoping you will accept them and go away. Most claims double or triple when the homeowner calls in a professional contractor to assess the real damage and provide an accurate estimate that reflects the true damages. 

The insurance company is obligated to give you an accurate accounting of what is covered and for how much. If you choose to wait for an estimate from the insurance company then at least you will know what to have a contractor price. Otherwise you will be comparing apples and oranges.

Another safer option would be to hire a contractor you know like and trust to assist you with assessing the damage and then meeting with the insurance adjustor on your behalf. This way you have a trusted advisor who will protect your interests."

Contractors; the above strategies can lead to snow removal and insurance repair work. If you need guidance on this I can help. (I handled hundreds of claims that became remodeling and roof jobs) But to take advantage of the opportunity you need to move quick.

Check out Shawn McCadden's checklist for snow removal work.

Working safe: remember to work safe. Have a brief tool box talk with your men before they go up on the roofs. Make sure you address the hazards of working on heights, slippery conditions and working correctly with your fall protection equipment.

If you need some help give me a call 508-847-0162 or contact me here.

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