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Marketing Boot Camp Workshop for Remodelers and Contractors

Posted by Mark Paskell on Sat, Feb 09, 2013 @ 11:12 AM

Marketing Boot Camp Workshop for Remodelers and Contractors

Target Marketing for remodelers

Remodelers and Contractors can sign up for individual workshops. Don't want to work in the snow or stay home, come and join a group of contractor peers to learn about Targeting the Right Prospects and Project Types.

The Contractor Business Success Program Workshops for remodelers and contractors got off to a great start last week. We had a group of Contractors and Remodelers share their stories and challenges they face in their construction business. The group setting allowed us to interact with learn from each other comfortably. Shawn McCadden did a great job teaching and explaining a challenging subject (Finances and Accounting for Non-Accountants).

Here are some comments from Remodelers who attended last week's workshop on Small Business Finances:

" Shawn and Mark are excellent helping contractors run their business better. The workshop will help me price jobs better and increase my profits"

" I learned more in this workshop than the last time I had a similar presentation. Great job and I am looking forward to the rest of the program."

" Shawn took the time to explain things until they made sense. Well worth the time and money. Looking forward to the next one."

Marketing Boot Camp Workshop on 2/12/2013 @ National Lumber

As I write this I am looking out the window and see 26 inches of snow on the ground. What does this do to contractors schedules for next week?  It may mean that working outside next week is off. If that is the case you can come to our Marketing Boot Camp workshop on Tuesday 2/12/2013. The program is set up where you can sign up for an individual workshop.

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 List of other workshops you can attend individually or all together: ADDED BONUS: Each workshop includes credits for Mass Construction Supervisor License holders.


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On Thursday we had a great turn out for our OSHA Fall Protection Program at Ring's End in Stratford, Connecticut. There were a lot of questions and concerns about training employees and sub contractors and getting them to work safely. We will be holding more trainings at Ring's End shortly.  For more information on our trainings in Mass or other areas check our Fall Protection Training page. We add training dates often. If you want one in your area please contact us.


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