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New Public Adjuster Services Page for Insurance Claims

Posted by Mark Paskell on Sat, Sep 23, 2017 @ 12:27 PM

For some time now I have been a Massachusetts Licensed Public Adjuster helping homeowners who have low ball estimates from insurance companies adjusters. I also help contractors who have clients that have sustained property damage by assisting them with insurance estimating services.

banners-fire-damage.jpegMany people across the country have read my "You cannot trust and Xactimate estimate". (over 50,000 so far)

I am receiving dozens of calls a week from contractors and homeowners affected by the hurricanes. They are seeking my professional advise on how to navigate the often confusing and complicated insurance claim process.

With the need for advise dire in many parts of the country we now have a Public Adjuster Services page and blog. I will be posting on several topics regarding the insurance claim process.

Here is the link.......Public Adjuster Home Page 

If you are in Massachusetts and have a client who is having a hard time from their insurance company obtaining a fair and accurate estimate for property damages we can help.

For contractors looking to help their clients in any state I can also help you in the role of contractor consultant to properly prepare your estimate for property damage. Check out our Insurance Claim Workshop that is offered live or over the phone coaching sessions.

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