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RRP Refresher Training in Mass For Certified Renovators (LSRS)

Posted by Mark Paskell on Tue, Aug 19, 2014 @ 10:38 PM

We all remember 2010 when thousands of contractors frantically lined up to obtain their EPA RRP Certified Renovator training. The fear of a $37,500.00 fine from the EPA compelled contractors to become certified. As you remember the training certification is good for 5 years then you need to take the 4 hour refresher class. Well before you know it the five years will be up in early 2015.

The Contractor Coaching Partnership, Inc trained thousands of contractors in 2010 and now we are getting ready to help you with your renewal training. In Massachusetts we have the toughest RRP law in the nation. In typical Massachusetts fashion the state made the law tougher when they added the OSHA Lead in Construction and Respiratory requirements to the Mass Law 454 CMR 22.00. This requirement is the biggest reason why many Mass contractors did not apply for the Mass Lead Safe Renovation Contractor license and choose to work under the radar. Currently Mass has only 3800 firms licensed in the whole state. Many of these firms are not contractors. I estimate that there are probably only 3400 firms in the whole state who are legally following the Mass version of the EPA RRP Law (454 CMR 22.00).

You know what that means, if the Department of Labor Standards pays a visit to your job site and you are not licensed you will likely be fined. Most contractors who work on pre 1978 properties are sitting ducks!

Enforcement is Massachusetts is the most aggressive in the nation. Currently there are over one hundred contractors on the state enforcement list. They are out enforcing the EPA significantly. Check out the list and you will be surprised how large some of the fines are.

We will start scheduling classes in October so that contractors can obtain their Refresher training in time to prevent a lapse in certification. If you let the license lapse you cannot legally perform RRP work. 

Our instructors will be myself and Remodeling Industry Expert, Shawn McCadden. We will be offering the 4 hour Lead Safe Renovator Supervisor Refresher class, the full day 8 hour RRP Lead Safe Renovator Supervisor Initial class and we will be bringing back our RRP Implementation workshop. Some companies are getting fined because they do not have their record keeping and documentation in order. In addition many contractors are not aware of the many changes to the law since 2010. Our training and workshop will fill you in on what you must know to comply with the regulation.

Shawn and I attended the an open hearing meeting with the Department of Labor Standards to learn about the most recent changes in Mass. We were joined by only three other people. We have been very vigilant about keeping you informed will continue to do the same in the future. Check out Shawn's blog 



When is the last time you opened your RRP Manual?      EPA RRP Manual

I spoke with a contractor a few weeks ago who was visited by DLS. I asked him when was the last time he read his RRP manual. He laughed and said what manual? Then said it hasn't been opened since February of 2010!

Stay tuned as we will be listing our schedule for Lead Safe Renovator Supervisor Refresher classes shortly.


Private classes for individual companies and lumberyards

If you want to set up a private class for your company, lumberyard, trade association or group of contractors contact me.

Have a great Labor Day and we look forward to seeing you soon. 

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