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Mass Unlicensed Contractor Nailed By AG For Bilking Consumers

Posted by Mark Paskell on Thu, Jun 06, 2013 @ 11:37 PM

Mass unlicensed contractor Kyle Buckminster was nailed by the Attorney General for operating as an illegal home improvement contractor and not finishing projects.  He was ordered to pay over 100,000 for his illicit home improvement practices.

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In Massachusetts, contractors are required to be registered with the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulations when they offer or do work on 1-4 family owner occupied homes. In our CSL CEU 2 day training course we cover the Home Improvement Contractor  Registration requirements that this contractor did not have in place.

Buckminster operated illegally using many different names.


  • Buckminster Construction,
  • Kyle Buckminster
  • Fine Custom Carpentry and Finishing,
  • Mid-Cape Construction
  • Fine Custom Carpentry,
  • Blue Ocean Builders
  • First Commonwealth Builders

Here is the complete press release:

Defendant Permanently Prohibited from Operating Without a License; Ordered to Pay an Additional $47,600 in Civil Penalties and Fees

BOSTONA South Grafton man has been ordered to pay $111,000 in restitution after he contracted to perform home improvement projects without proper registration, failed to complete the work, and misappropriated thousands of dollars from consumers, Attorney General Martha Coakley announced today.

On Tuesday, a default judgment was entered in Suffolk Superior Court by Judge Bonnie MacLeod against Kyle Buckminster of South Grafton. Under the judgment, Buckminster was ordered to pay an additional $35,000 in civil penalties, and $12,600 in fees, and is permanently prohibited from engaging in home improvement or general contracting services without proper registration or license. Last December, the AG’s Office obtained a preliminary injunction against Buckminster. 

“Unlicensed home contracting work takes away business from honest contractors and puts homeowners at risk,” AG Coakley said. ”While we were able to secure restitution in this matter as well as civil penalties, consumers should always do their homework before hiring a contractor by asking the right questions.”

According to a complaint filed last November, Buckminster – d/b/a Buckminster Construction, Kyle Buckminster Fine Custom Carpentry and Finishing, Mid-Cape Construction and Fine Custom Carpentry, Blue Ocean Builders, and First Commonwealth Builders – had his home improvement contractor’s license revoked in 2000 and has never held a construction supervisor license.  He has solicited work both as a home improvement and general contractor in Massachusetts.

The OCABR first heard the complaints from wronged consumers and then the case was referred to the AG's office. A hearing officer from OCABR told me that there were several hearings that showed Buckminster mislead consumers on several occasions. Now he is banned from doing any home improvement or contracting work in the state.                                     Help Protect Homeowners:

Often times homeowners hire the cheapest contractor who is unlicensed, unregistered and uninsured. Share this article with your prospects and urge them to avoid the signs of a bad contractor. Here are some tips to share with your prospects to protect them:

  • Never hire a contractor who is unregistered.
  • Never hire a contractor who asks you to pull the permit.
  • Never hire a contractor who does not provide a certificate of insurance for general liability and workmen's compensation for EVERY ONE who works on the project. And most important read the binder and call the insurance agent to verify coverage is in effect.
  • Never hire a contractor who asks for more than 1/3 down.
  • Ask for references and check them!
  • Go and see a project he has done recently or is doing now.
  • Never hire a contractor who does not provide a clearly written contract with ALL scope of work and selections. In Mass the contract must include the state mandated clauses listed on the OCABR website.
  • Never hire a contractor who does not provide a fixed priced for all work. Time and material or cost plus contracts are illegal in Massachusetts.
  • Use common sense, if the price seems to good to be true than it is.
  • Trust your gut, if it doesn't feel right don't sign.

Contractors, feel free to copy the content above and give it to your prospect as part of the education process and you just save them from having a bad contractor experience. And the thoughtful education you give them may help them conclude that they should hire you.

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