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No more Contractor CSL License Cards from MA BBRS

Posted by Mark Paskell on Tue, Jan 17, 2023 @ 10:19 PM

The Massachusetts BBRS announced they will stop issuing CSL (Construction Supervisor License) licenses in their current format. This was reported on January 10th at the BBRS board meeting. The announced date is 2/1/2023.

CSL Paskell License cropped

Here is a copy of my (not so handsome) mug shot and CSL license. 

This format is now obsolete.

MA construction licensed supervisors will now have to produce proof that they are licensed when they apply for a building permit.

I will go over this change in my CSL Continuing Education classes.


Here are the reasons behind the change.

Letter from the MFBO about the changes

January 10, 2023, BBRS meeting 
CSL Licensing change
Sarah Wilkinson, Chief of Elevators and Deputy Commissioner overseeing Building, Engineering, and all trades briefed the BBRS that CSL licenses will no longer be printed and issued. Potential start date is February 1, 2023. The license holder is still responsible to have proof of their license and a government issued photo ID available. 
The license holder and building officials have access to the online portal for CSL registration to verify the CSL status. The License holder should print their status page for proof of valid license and be able to present a driver’s license or other valid government photo ID. 
The Building Officials on the Board expressed reservation with this change, however it did not seem that the governing department was going to change the plan. Further Ms. Wilkinson explained the amount of time spent to issue and reissue lost licenses was problematic, also indicating this was in line with other states and agencies.

I predict this change will present numerous challenges for many MA CSL's. With that said I have outlined below how to verify your license and produce a copy. If you have any questions or need help, I invite you to send me an email or call my office at 978-422-6354.

In order to verify your Construction Supervisor License here are the steps you can take.

1. Go to Google and do a search for how to check a construction supervisor license.

2. Look for box that says "Check state license database."

3. Then a page to verify a license will appear.

4.Enter your license number or full name, not both.

5. You will see your name and license number.

6. Click your name and you will see your full license information details.

7. Print off this page and submit to your building department with permit application.

8. Also save or scan the page and place a copy of your license on your smart phone to show building inspectors during inspections and to show your customers.

Again, if you need assistance on this matter or help with your business contact me.  

Mark the Coach



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