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New APP For OSHA Safety Meetings and Tool Box Talks

Posted by Mark Paskell on Thu, Aug 21, 2014 @ 07:44 PM

There is an APP For That! A new APP to help contractors comply with OSHA safety program requirements is out. We have been looking for a solution that leverages technology to easily conduct and record safety meetings and is cost effective. OSHA is hitting a lot of contractors for fall protection violations and most have no safety program, manual or safety meeting records. It doesn't look good (FINE$) if you can't produce some evidence that you have safety meeting program.

One of our team has come up with the Safety Meeting APP that is simple to use. The APP has over 850 topics in both English and Spanish. To start the process all the contractor has to do is open the APP and follow the easy to use screens and choices. Then after the meeting is complete, everything is recorded. The cost is only $89.95 for one year and currently there is no limit on the amount of users and there are no contracts.


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With OSHA targeting the residential construction industry this is an essential tool for every contractor, remodeler, builder and specialty trade. OSHA requires all contractors to have a safety program and manual. Part of a safety program is to conduct regularly scheduled tool box talks and safety meetings.

OSHA Asks Contractor For Safety Program and Records

Last month I was hired by a contractor who is being investigated by OSHA for an accident on his job site. He will likely be cited and fined. OSHA asked to see his training and safety meeting program records. He had nothing to give them!

Many contractors are busy building and do not have a lot of time to manage a safety program. With this APP and a smart phone a contractor can set up safety meeting from his truck, record them and save them to the cloud.  

Check out the Safety Meeting APP. If you have questions on how to implement the use of the APP into your business contact me.

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