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Mark has a unique skill set as a design build remodeling coach.  I have never been a salesperson by nature. And sales has been the part of the business that i have enjoyed the least.  Mark has taught me to look at my role not as a salesperson but instead as a professional consultant. Week by week I am learning so much more. I am surprised to hear myself say that i am actually starting to enjoy the the sales part of the business.  I highly recommend Mark without hesitation!  

Scott Hall

Scott Hall Remodeling Columbus, Ohio

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Contractors behind on EPA RRP Firm Certification


Over the past month we have called many contractors trained on RRP, who have not certified their firms. They give us all kinds of excuses why they haven't and some say they won't.

                                 EPA Certified Firm

For those who have procrastinated here are the applications.

Certified Firm Application for Non Authorized States (for contractors in states regulated by the EPA)

Mass Lead Safe Renovation Contractor Application (for Mass contractors who did not certify with the EPA before 7/9/2010)

Mass Lead Safe Renovation Contractor Waiver (for Mass contractors who applied for EPA Certified Firm Application before 7/9/2010)

The main reason given by contractors to not certify is the EPA does not have the ability, desire or resources to enforce it.

Other reasons are;

  • I don't have the money.
  • If I fill it out, then I will be a target.
  • I forgot to do it.
  • I lost the application from the class.
  • I thought I was all set and it was included in the class.
  • I'll do it when I see someone get nailed in my area.
  • My instructor didn't say anything about firm certification.
  • When I have a RRP job then I will send in my application.

Whatever the reason this lack of compliance will put many contractors at risk when enforcement begins.

Meanwhile, compliant contractors who did certify their firms will continue competing against non-compliants who are playing Russian Roulette.

mark the coach

mark the coach

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