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Mark has a unique skill set as a design build remodeling coach.  I have never been a salesperson by nature. And sales has been the part of the business that i have enjoyed the least.  Mark has taught me to look at my role not as a salesperson but instead as a professional consultant. Week by week I am learning so much more. I am surprised to hear myself say that i am actually starting to enjoy the the sales part of the business.  I highly recommend Mark without hesitation!  

Scott Hall

Scott Hall Remodeling Columbus, Ohio

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Contractors use negative air machines to achieve positive results


EPA RRP Trained contractors are implementing the use of negative air machines to obtain positive testimonials and referrals from their customers.

Marketing Opportunity to Generate Referrals

One contractor said to me last week that this is part of his marketing strategy. He said this is an opportunity to differentiate his company from others. He tells his potential customers that he has the cleanest job of anyone they will meet. Then he shows them a picture of the machine in use on a work site. He pulls out the manufacturer's detail sheet and shows the prospect how this will ensure a clean site with minimal dust. Next he shows how this will protect them, all workers, meet the performance standards of the EPA RRP Lead Law and meet the engineering performance standards of The OSHA Lead in Construction Standard. 

Novatek Novair 2100 Negative Air Machine /Audible & Visual Alarm Negative Air Machine 

Novatek Novair 2100 Negative Air Machine W/HEPA Filter

From Negative Air Machines website here is a diagram of air filtering methods.

Air Scrubber Operation Examples

If this is done right, homeowners who care about a messy job will be reassured. Homeowners with kids in pre 1978 homes will be appreciative. If other contractors don't offer this education and method, some consumers will question why. It may not lead to you getting the job every time but few prospects will argue with methods to contain, control and clean up dust. This approach will also help you on homes that are not pre 1978. 

We know the  goal of the EPA RRP Lead course is to prevent lead posioning in children, pregnant woman, consumers and workers by containing, controlling and cleaning dust and debris. A side benefit (if you choose to see it in a positive light ) of the law, is a clean work site.

One of the major complaints against contractors from homeowners is that contractors make a mess. One sure way to not receive referrals from homeowners is to leave a mess. Many contractors will tell you that a clean work site is a happy work site.

In this difficult time of generating leads for your business, a negative air machine properly utilized, will address RRP practices and leave your customers singing your praises.

mark the coach



mark the coach

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