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Evolution of contractors in the residential construction industry

Posted by Mark Paskell on Mon, Aug 31, 2009 @ 12:54 PM

As the summer comes to a close the winds of change are taking the residential construction industry by storm. The law of evolution is culling the dead wood and contractors who are resistant to change are being replaced by the Next Level Contractor. Contractors who embrace and adapt to the changes will survive and those who do not will perish. These new contractors are investing in business coaching, education, sales training, marketing and best practices while things are slow. They know that when things rebound this will insure their prospects of success.

Reports from industry experts Shawn McCadden and Mike Anschel (a must read for all contractors)

In his recent article about the contacting industry, industry expert Shawn McCadden talks about Darwin's studies, The Caveman and how the weak are replaced by the strong. The survival of the fittest is quickly removing contractors who are holding on to old ineffective ways of doing business. This article is a must read for all contractors who are serious about succeeding.

Here's the URL for Shawn's article:

Another construction industry expert Mike Anschel, speaks about the reality of increased regulation and competition. This article clearly describes the widely accepted belief that the time is here to revolutionize the residential contracting industry. It is time to remove the contractors who have failed to set up and run their businesses like a real business. The track record of unprofessionalized contractors gives the industry a black eye. Consumers are tired of an industry that fails to deliver. The industry has allowed a hodge podge of different level contractors to stay in business. Increased regulation from the government is starting to force contractors to obtain certifications and licenses as well as adopt sound business practices. Competition from other industries is creating companies that are run by business trained owners from corporate America. 

Here's Michael's blog and article:

Please read both articles and post your thoughts.

How do you plan to revamp your business to insure that you are the strongest and the fittest? 

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