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Remodelers and Contractors; Let's Blow the Lid Off; EPA Lead Rule

Posted by Mark Paskell on Sat, Nov 28, 2009 @ 12:31 PM

Last night, while out with the family, my blackberry was humming like a bees nest with responses to the EPA lead post on the NARI LinkedIn Group. My wife told me shut the darn thing off! Next time I'll leave it in the truck.

I appreciate all the comments from contractors in the NARI group; maybe this is another thread like the Lead Generation Post that will generate 275 responses.

As stated in the responses, the EPA Lead Rule will produce an industry wide firestorm in 2010. We will see contractors and consumers comply, and many who wont. We will see sporadic enforcement, a lack of approved training providers, moving interpretations of the rule and industry wide resistance to change.

There is great concern and confusion from this regulation. However, I believe remodelers are the best at adapting to a changing landscape. Our expertise professionally remodeling inhabited homes and committment to training and education, prepares us to lead the re-structuring of the residential construction industry.  

Now is the time to be BOLD and Aggressive. Let's be the trend setters and position ourselves as the pioneers responsible for changing the residential construction industry for the better. The EPA Lead Rule (whether we like being regulated or not) is here to stay and it is a major event affecting the future of our industry.

Do you want to participate in the change that revolutionizes our industry?

There are two ways to look at any situation, Positive or negative. I choose the positive and desire an outcome that will help all whom it affects. Why not choose to be part of the solution and not participate in the negativity we hear from those who blame the EPA, say it will cost too much, say "no one else will do it so why should I", the consumer, the banks, Lead Generation Companies, the economy or any other excuse for not doing what is necessary to WIN.

Positive outcomes from the rule; what can you add to the list?

  1. Protecting children from lead paint poisoning that causes irreparable neurological damage for life.
  2. Protecting our customer, employees and sub-contractors by doing the work safely.
  3. Requiring contractors to improve their knowledge and training leading to more professional companies that make money.
  4. Educating the public about the dangers of lead paint.
  5. Forced compliance with aggressive public education will cause homeowners to seek out the compliant companies.
  6. Non-compliant companies will find it harder and harder to find profitable work from qualified consumers.
  7. Increased professionalism in our industry will produce better contractor/homeowner relations.
  8. The public perception of our industry will improve.
  9. Companies who succeed will create jobs.
  10. A successful lead paint standard, enforced across the nation, promulgates the standardization of contractor licensing and certification.


For all reading this post, I challenge you to think of only positive outcomes resulting from the EPA Lead Rule. Let's focus on the possibilities that will be great for our industry. Anyone can think of the negative, the successful look for the seed of opportunity inherent in any challenge.

Ask yourself what is great about the EPA Lead Rule?

Napoleon Hill states in Think and Grow Rich, "every adversity comes with the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit"

Use this blog post and add your ideas to the list started above. Who knows maybe your idea is the one that will change the industry? Sign up for this blog to stay see what others are saying on this important topic.


Forward this post to all your suppliers, building inspectors, fellow contractors, trades, architects, designers, strategic alliances and ask for their input. Together, we can produce outstanding opportunities for our industry and our customers. Let's "Blow the Lid Off" and educate the nation about the EPA Lead Rule and why they need professional remodelers and contractors to insure that the work is done right. Will you help? 

Mark the Coach

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