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New page on EPA RRP,The Contractor Coaching Partnership

Posted by Mark Paskell on Sun, Dec 06, 2009 @ 09:39 PM

Last week we put up a new page on The Contractor Coaching Partnership web site regarding the EPA RRP Lead Rule for contractors, remodelers, trades and readers of our site.

You will find links to the EPA site giving you easy access to critical information about the rule.

At the remodeling show, I discussed with several contractors, the prospects of adding a page about the EPA RRP Lead Rule to their websites to educate their clients and prospects on the rule which goes into effect on 4.22.2010. 

Most homeowners are unaware of the EPA RRP Lead Rule and they certainly do not know how this is going to impact their projects. We will all have a challenge explaining this to them. They will have a fear of the unknown that needs to be removed from their minds in a professional and helpful manner.

Differentiate your company  

One way to differentiate yourself from others is to show that you are proactive and in the know about this rule by creating a page for your site. Write the page with carefully worded questions encouraging them to investigate the rule on their own. Then make it easy for them to research the rule by placing links to sites that explain this rule and why they should remodel responsibly. Use links from the EPA site, the NAHB, NARI, the Sierra Club and any other sites that are vested in helping homeowners learn about the rule. This effort may help you when you are explaining the process during your presentation.

There is a saying that "people only believe 10% of what you say and 90% of what they say with their own words" Help your prospects discover on their own what you what them to know by asking the right questions on your new page. This approach will enhance your know like and trust factor and go a long way toward separating you from other companies. If they have some knowledge before you see them, they will have less fear of the unknown about the process.

In the coming weeks we will continue to post new information and ideas on how to navigate the new landscape regarding the EPA RRP lead rule. We will discuss ideas how to promote it in a positive way that will show how you can be seen as the expert on this issue.

link to new EPA Lead Page 

mark the coach

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