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Worthy cause 4 contractor compliance, EPA RRP,Video on lead poisoning

Posted by Mark Paskell on Sat, Dec 12, 2009 @ 11:09 PM

The current buzz created by the pending EPA RRP Lead Rule is causing the formation of camps; those who are for it, those who are against it, and those resigned to the fact that they have no choice but compliance.                                                        

The debate is heating up. Defiant contractors, remodelers, property owners and realtors continue to fight until the inevitable effective date and beyond while others will comply with the new procedures and persevere.

Are the beneficiaries of this rule worth the effort?

Sometimes we can lose sight of the reason for well intentioned regulation designed to help others, namely children, pregnant women, homeowners, and our employees. Costs and burdens associated with the Rule stir numerous emotions and concerns that are understandable, yet divisive.

Arguably, the EPA could have done a better job with procedures, enforcement, abiguities, funding, education, waste, and economic impact issues. The same can be said for the construction and real estate industries that have continually argued that it will be too costly and difficult to implement effective remedies. The net result, a 1992 law that has been marginally effective at curbing the poisoning of thousands of children. Now 17 years later, Congress has mandated the EPA to implement the rule without delay to prevent lead poisoning.

With that said, please view the video below and for a moment set aside the objections to the rule and consider the good that can be realized from this effort.

Lead poisoning video from MSNBC.

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