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Pella Pro Expo, Boston EPA, The Contractor Coaching Partnerhship

Posted by Mark Paskell on Wed, Mar 24, 2010 @ 11:28 PM


The Contractor Coaching Partnership has been invited to speak at the Pella Pro Expo tomorrow at Gillette Stadium. I was contacted a few weeks back by a fellow NARI member, Ian Dobbs of Pella in Haverhill Mass to speak about the EPA RRP Lead Rule.

In the past two months we have provided EPA RRP Certified Renovator training for over 600 contractors. We are scheduled to train another 1800 through June. Last fall I noticed a shortfall in available trainers to train contractors in our NARI chapter as well as other contractors in the Boston market. This situation concerned me so I made a decision to bring training to as many contractors as possible in the Massachusetts market. I had no idea this would consume my entire schedule like it has.

I believe this is a major reason why Pella invited us to speak on this industry changing topic. In early January I was joined by Shawn McCadden and Greg Antonoili to speak with the EPA in Boston on behalf of the EM NARI chapter. We then held a town hall meeting at our January meeting led by Shawn McCadden. It became obvious that this rule would become a major factor in how we run our businesses.

I am honored to have the opportunity to address the professionals at the Pella Pro Expo and would love to talk about the things I do as a contractor business coach. But I think that should be saved for another day. There is a greater obligation and opportunity to our industry. With that said, tomorrow will be all about the EPA Boston Officials, EPA RRP Rule and the major role NARI is playing to educate all contractors in the Mass market. 

I approached Pella and asked them if they would like to have the EPA address the show attendees and talk about the EPA RRP Lead Rule. They thought that would be a great idea. I am thankful they have given us this opportunity.

NARI Delivers 

In January, the EPA asked EM NARI President Greg Antonoili, Shawn McCadden and I if we could help them get in front of key groups to spread the word of the new RRP Lead Rule. I thought this Pella event would be a great way to help them and so did they.

Yesterday, we were able to deliver another opportunity to them, to speak to the Mass Federation of Building Officials in Charlton, Mass. We also invited the state Department of Occupational Safety who attended. This meeting went well and all present were pleased to have the opportunity to discuss the EPA RRP Lead Rule. (I will write another post about that meeting). 

The Mission of NARI coincides with my mission to lead our industry in the pursuit of contractor education, best practices and professionalism. Tommorow, I get to live up to that mission by stepping back and giving the EPA the limelight to speak about this industry changing regulation. They are appreciative and have stated that they are glad to work with NARI and look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship.

Hope to see you there.

mark the coach 


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