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EPA RRP Fine Extensions Null and Void in Massachusetts

Posted by Pete Caputa on Thu, Jul 22, 2010 @ 11:53 PM

On June 18th, 2010 the EPA posted a memo that delayed enforcement and fines for Firm Certification until 9/30/10 and Certified Renovator Training until 12/31/2010. This memo also stated that untrained contractors performing work on pre-1978 homes must follow and be compliant with the RRP Lead Rule. The content of the memo has caused a significant downturn in the number of contractors signing up for the mandatory training. Many lumberyards have told us that contractors think they have until next year to do training and many contractors are claiming that the law will be reversed. In Massachusetts putting off the training and certification is going to be costly for contractors.

Mass RRP Takeover Nullifies EPA 6/18/2010 Extension

Today we spoke with Patricia Sutliff, from the Mass Department of Safety, about the EPA FINE Extensions and are they recognized in Mass. The answer is NO. Per the DOS, Mass contractors who have not certified their firms and who have not obtained the required RRP training cannot work on pre-1978 homes where lead safe practices are required as of 7/9/2010.

We have heard many contractors say they will wait to get trained. We also have called over 1000 contractors who have been through our RRP Training Course and we have found that over 50% of the contractors have not Registered their firms with the EPA!!!

Certified Firm Registration Increased in Mass 

In Mass, contractors will now have to pay $375.00 to Register their firms as opposed to the $300.00 fee they could have paid before July 9th, 2010.  Mass will recognize any training or certification obtained or applied for before 7/9/2010. This is good news for contractors who became compliant on time.

Mass Lead Safe Renovation Contractor Firm Application

In addition, Mass contractors must obtain Certified Renovator Training immediately to be compliant with the new Mass Lead Law or forgo working on pre-1978 properties until they are trained. I learned of a project in Wellesley today that was paid a vist by the DOS. They found 5 men working on the house who said they were independent contractors. The DOS asked to see their documents. One independent produced his Certified Renovator License. The DOS asked if he certified his firm and he said no I will do it later. The DOS said Certify your firm within the week or stop working. Also the DOS said to the CR "all these other independents must certify their firm and sign up for a RRP training class immediately."

The enforcement effort has begun in Mass.

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