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RRP Training in Mass at BROSCO; Contractors Visited by DOS

Posted by Mark Paskell on Thu, Jul 29, 2010 @ 10:43 PM

RRP Training in Massachusetts is heating up again. We have had many calls from contractors after they had site visits from the DOS (Department of Safety). The DOS is out enforcing the law. They are giving warnings and letting contractors know that as of 7/9/2010 contractors must be registered with the State of Mass and trained to work on pre-1978 properties.

Contractors Caught By Suprise

Many contractors believed that they had until September 30th to get certified because of the 6/18/2010 memo from the EPA delaying fines. Well that all changed on 7/9/2010, when the State of Mass was awarded delegating authority from the EPA to enforce and administer the EPA RRP Lead Law. Contractors who put off the training and certification are now deemed non-compliant to work on target properties.

RRP Classes

We have just scheduled classes at Brockway Smith in Andover, Mass on;

 8/13/2010, 8/18/2010, 9/1/2010, 9/15/2010 and 9/30/2010.

Brockway Smith has hosted classes all year in an effort to bring this mandatory training to contractors in Massachusetts. Steve Fisher from Brockway Smith says " this is our way of giving back to the industry by making our training facility available and hosting this important training."

To sign up for training use the link below.

RRP Training in Mass 

Mark the Coach

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