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EPA RRP Violations in Maine; Enter The EPA Fine Amount Contest

Posted by Mark Paskell on Mon, Oct 18, 2010 @ 01:36 PM

Breaking news just in;

Maine painting contractor violates the RRP law in a big way. Video taken from Sherwin Williams parking lot in Rockland Maine.

I wonder if the EPA is on the way.

Count the violations and then multiply by $37,500 to calculate the fine amount. How many violations do you see? What am I missing?

EPA Fine Amount Contest

Win 4 - 8 packs of Lead Check Test Kits and 50 Renovate Right Brochures.

Determine the amount of RRP violations you see in the video, multiply by $37,500.00 and reply to this post with the amount. The person with the closest answer will win the prize.

The violations and amount will be determined by RRPedia author and Mass RRP Lead Safe Instructor Shawn McCadden. 

Contest ends on 10/31/2010. Winner will be announced on 11/2/2010.

What should the fine amount be?

The person with the closest answer will win 3-8 packs of of Lead Check test kits and 50 Renovate Right Brochures.


Here are a few items to get you started;

  • Open sanding with no Hepa Vacuum attachments.

  • No plastic to protect the ground.

  • Lead dust flying throughout the neighborhood

  • Lead dust on the strollers in the back

  • Lead dust and chips all over the ground

 I just wrote a post the other day about enforcement by the EPA. I predict videos like this will start popping up all over the country. I am told by contractors everyday that they are concerned about all the contractors out there not following the rules, stealing work from the market place.

If you want to help create a level playing field send this video link to everyone you know in and outside the industry. Send it to your local EPA office. Send it to your Congressman, your local news, your clients, your newspaper. If we all send it out we may help the EPA with enforcement and outreach.

The goal is to help create as much awareness as possible to warn homeowners about the dangers of hiring someone that works like the video. Let's form our own Tea Party and make it viral.

Be sure to enter our EPA FINE AMOUNT CONTEST and don't forget to respond to this post in order to enter your fine amount.

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Video link;


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