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EPA RRP Training Required for Multi-Family Property Owners

Posted by Mark Paskell on Tue, Nov 09, 2010 @ 03:36 PM

In 2010 the main focus for EPA RRP Training has been the residential contractor. Many people are unaware that written into the regulation is a requirement that owners of multi-family dwellings are also mandated to become RRP certified. The EPA states that rents received from tenants are considered compensation and therefore are covered under the EPA RRP Lead Law.

Massachusetts Department of Public Safety Regulates Landlords

Last week I spoke with Patricia Sutliffe of the Massachusetts Department of Occupational Safety to see how they are handling multi-family property owners. She said that residential multi-family property owners will be required to follow the same work practices as the contractor when working on pre 1978 properties.

Quite often property owners and landlords do renovations themselves causing great concern for both the EPA and Mass DOS officials. When these DIY'ers renovate they are often inexperienced at many of the repairs they take on. In addition, many property owners are financially driven to hire the cheapest contractor they can find to avoid the costs of hiring well established contracting firms. Property owners with multiple units often times rent to families with children. This combination of do it your selfer inexperience, hiring low cost contractors and renovations in units with children is what the EPA and DOS is concerned about.

Mandated Requirements for Mass Property Owners

In Massachusetts property owners who are not contractors, must obtain their 8 hour RRP certification to comply with the Mass DOS RRP lead Law. Also they must complete the waiver application to register their information. They also must follow the documentation requirements of the regulation. They do not have to pay a fee of $375.00 like contractors who work for compensation must do.

The DOS is now speaking to property owners urging them to obtain their RRP training as soon as possible. Landlords will be subject to fines just like contractors if they fail to follow the requirements of the Mass DOS RRP Lead Law.

I wonder how many people this adds to the mandated to be RRP trained list?

mark the coach


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