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Contractor suggestion to Mass/DOS Officials;RRP on Permit Application

Posted by Mark Paskell on Tue, Jan 25, 2011 @ 12:51 PM

Recently a contractor who took our OSHA Respirator and Worker Safety Program asked me to forward his comments to Mass DOS officials. Rather than complaining about the RRP Regulations he is seeking to find remedies to create a level playing field. Here are his suggestions I have forwarded to the Mass DOS Officials.


As I sat there yesterday in the OSHA seminar, it occurred to me that it might be helpful if your group [especially you and Shawn] might strongly suggest when chatting with the State Officials[if you haven't already] that somewhere on all building permit applications should be a section to ask:

..............."Date of Original Home Construction" and

..............."If house was constructed prior to Dec. 31, 1978"

A valid license for RRP and/or Mass. DOS license be presented or NO PERMIT shall be issued.

I think that those of us in the audience saw this as a possibility, so much of the well intentioned effort might not seem so frustrating, resenting the competition flying [AGAIN] under the radar and the ones who are trying,  become the visible targets of much of this Governmental Insanity, paperwork, expenses, equipment, training, legality and just the overall mess that this has become. 

My fear is that this set up is going to be like the State Trooper who has been told his quota for the week is 100 speeding tickets, thus he issues 100 tickets...revenue during these tough times is not going to be turned away by The Comm. of Mass and its bottomless coffers and the piles of bureaucratic BS that accompany such madness.

I will make every attempt to support any effort possible. If involvement is necessary then so be it.

Let me hear the thoughts of you and your group.

A concerned Massachusetts contractor who is following the rules."

If you are a compliant contractor and would like to contribute ideas towards creating a level playing field anonymously or known, I will be glad to send your message to the DOS and or EPA officials. The more people who contribute to the level playing field movement the chance of being heard is magnified. I will be meeting with the DOS in February and would be glad to bring your concerns to the meeting.

To contribute you can respond to this post, email me directly or phone at 508-847-0162. Again if you wish to remain anonymous just let us know.

mark the coach

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