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Mass DOS; RRP Outreach To Homeowners at Boston Area Home Show

Posted by Mark Paskell on Thu, Feb 10, 2011 @ 07:21 PM

A few weeks ago I suggested to Patricia Sutliffe of the Mass Division of Occupational Safety (DOS) that they should buy a booth at the Shriners Home Show in Wilmington, Mass this weekend. I figured there was nothing to lose and I forwarded her the information on how to purchase a booth at the Shriners Home Show.

My thoughts were to convince them that they need to do outreach to consumers to increase awareness of the RRP Lead Law. I also suggested that it would be good for contractors to see that our local DOS is doing this outreach at a public show. RRP Certified contractors tell me that most homeowners are unaware of the new EPA RRP Lead Law. They are frustrated that consumers are opting to hire the illegally operating contractors who are not carrying the costs of RRP compliance.

This afternoon Ms. Sutliffe told me the DOS has a booth at the Shriners Home Show in Wilmington, Mass this weekend. The booth will be staffed by Mass DOS officials on Saturday and Sunday. Yes that is right our local government officials are working on Saturday and Sunday.

I have previously written that the Mass DOS officials are very open to working with us to find ways to provide outreach and clarity to the Mass RRP Lead Law. I am ecstatic that they invested in a booth at the home show. I feel that the hours of time Shawn McCadden and I have invested with DOS may actually pay off. My mission is to help create a level playing field in Massachusetts and throughout the country.

The DOS is painfully aware of my passion to do this to protect the rights of legally operating contractors who have stepped up and paid the price to certify their companies. I sound like a broken record to them. At every opportunity I ask them "where is the enforcement on the illegally operating contractor, where is the outreach to the homeowner, when is the building inspector going to require RRP on the permit application......?"

The DOS officials will be speaking with homeowners that pass by their booth and they will be handing out information about why it is important to hire contractors who are RRP Certified.

If you are a contractor who lives near Wilmington Mass I encourage you to stop by and visit the DOS and share your thoughts on the Mass RRP Lead Rule. This is a great opportunity to see them in person. Also may I add, if you do see them please play nice and let them know what you are seeing out there. They will listen to you and are looking for feedback.

Shriners Home Show Information

Suburban Boston, MA
Spring Home Show
                  February 11, 12, 13, 2011                   Shriners Auditorium
99 Fordham Road
Wilmington, MA 01887

Friday, February 11, 11am - 10pm
Saturday, February 12, 10am - 10pm
Sunday, February 13, 10am - 6pm

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