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Mass DOS RRP enforcement; a few contractors fined

Posted by Mark Paskell on Thu, Feb 17, 2011 @ 02:21 PM

At the contractor forum meeting on Monday the DOS stated that they have fined a few contractors for violating RRP practices. Some of the contractors in question also were found to have lead poisoning.

One of the DOS officials said they came upon a contractor doing open sanding wearing a paper mask. As the contractor took off the mask you could see the streaks of blue paint under the paper mask near his mouth and nose. The DOS said they closed down activity on the job and told the worker to get tested for lead. Test came back; poisoned.

I asked the DOS why haven't they publicized the firms fined?

The answers were that they the cases are still under review by DOS counsel and they are not sure if they want to publicize the firms. The DOS is still working on what the policy will be after someone is caught. One DOS official said the guy has gone through enough and he is going to comply with the rule.

This action (not wanting to report) is consistent with the approach the DOS has told me all along. They want to do outreach and get people on board more than they want to fine. These individuals were given small fine amounts and it is unknown if the DOS will announce the names. The contractors were discovered as a result of DOS neighborhood drive bys last summer in the Boston suburbs.

I told the DOS that most contractors have doubts that they will enforce the RRP Lead Rule in Mass. The DOS assured us that come spring they will be out again.

As more news unfolds on this enforcement action I will report here.

Have you certified your firm with the State of Massachusetts yet?

For EPA regulated states have you certified your firm yet with the EPA?

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