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Mass RRP DOS Summitt with Training Providers on 3/11/2011

Posted by Mark Paskell on Fri, Mar 11, 2011 @ 12:19 AM

On Friday I am going to a meeting with the Mass RRP DOS officials in Westborough to discuss RRP issues with other training providers.

Shawn McCadden and I met with them a few weeks back to discuss the challenges contractors face in Mass. The overall consensus was Mass contractors were not aware of the new changes since Mass took over last July and there were many questions about the OSHA requirements in the law. There is a huge problem with contractors applying for the Mass Lead Safe Renovation Contractor License. Hopefully we will have some answers tomorrow from our last meeting.

In the past week we have helped over 100 contractors find the answers to questions about the Mass application and OSHA requirements. By far the biggest confusion is coming from contractors who were trained before Mass took over on 7/9/2010.

We are reaching out to all of the 4000 contractors we trained last year to make sure they are up to date on the Mass changes and we continue to guide them on how to comply with the OSHA requirements. Our RRP Implementation workshops and OSHA Respiratory trainings are helping many contractors prepare. 

My goal tomorrow is to continue to drive home the point that legally operating contractors want a level playing field. In 2/14/2011 I hammered home the point that we need enforcement with fines of illegally operating contractors yesterday. I will beat the same drum tomorrow because it is not just that those who paid the money to comply have to compete in a market with those who do not. The second point I will hit will be increased awareness and advertising to homeowners. Stay tuned for the updates from the meeting.

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