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On site RRP coaching for contractors

Posted by Mark Paskell on Tue, Apr 05, 2011 @ 09:51 PM

RRP trained contractors have numerous concerns and questions about implementing the practices covered in the Certified Renovator course. Many of the questions are around how to approach a pre-1978 project without doing something wrong triggering a potential fine. There is still alot of confusion regarding practices that conflict with OSHA.

In our conversations we are finding that many contractors have not reviewed the materials since the course and now months later they forgot the things they must do. More than half have not certified their firms. EPA Certified Firm

They have not purchased their hepa vac, signs, ppe, lead test kits,

renovate right pamplets renovate rightnor have they set up documentation procedures. The majority have little or no strategy on how to figure the costs.

In the past week over a dozen contractors have called with questions on what they should do to prepare for a project on a pre 1978 home. Some of the questions are easily answered if they only reread the book. 

The lack of preparedness may also be due to the lack of time spent training contractors. The HUD/NARI RRP course in the late nineties was 2 days and covered  many items contractors are calling about today. Many contractors are telling us that there should have been more time or less material in the 8 hour day.

As a result of these challenges we are being asked to go out on jobsites to assist contractors on setting up their first RRP jobs. If you need assistance contact us and we help you get off on the right foot. RRP Coaching

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