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Homeowners call to see if contractors are RRP Licensed and Certified

Posted by Mark Paskell on Tue, Apr 26, 2011 @ 09:49 AM

Last week we received 6 calls from homeowners in Mass regarding contractors' RRP License and Certification. Five calls were women and one was a man. The callers asked a lot of questions about the Mass RRP License and then asked us to look up their certification. We referred them to the state lead license list so they could confirm the information officially. In addition we gave the number to call a DOS RRP official just in case they needed to talk to someone from the state.

Then we looked up to see if the contractors in question were certified and we found two were and the other four were not. It turns out we trained the two who were licensed. The other four were not trained by us.

We asked the homeowners if they would hire a contractor without Mass RRP Lead License and we were told no way. One homeowner was emphatic that if the contractor was missing one license he was likely missing more or hiding something else.

You may recall I recently wrote a post about a contractor who lost a 60,000.00 kitchen project because he did not have his Mass RRP Leas License. This recent homeowner inquiry activity is a sign that consumers are starting to find out about The RRP Lead Law. Fines and penaltes for non compliance is costly.

How costly will it be if you lose remodeling jobs to contractors who are RRP Licensed and Certified?


If you are one of the many who paid for your RRP Certified Renovator training and have not Certified your firm or implemented the practices then this workshop is for you. On 5/19/2011 Shawn McCadden and I will have a full day workshop about implementing the practices. If you are reading this and you are behind in your implementation of the practices then you need to be here. There are no excuses left to put this off any longer. Enforcement has begun and it is not worth the risk. It is time to get your head out of the sand and protect your business. We are coaches and we will show you the way to implement the practices. If you need someone to hold you accountable or even get on you to do what you know you must do we can do that too. You decide.

If your subs are dragging their feet then send them this link below or have them call us.

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