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Is it time to consider a contractor business coach?

Posted by Mark Paskell on Tue, May 03, 2011 @ 08:31 PM

Maybe now is the time to consider a contractor coach?

In the past year we have provided RRP training and coaching for over 4300 contractors. Part of our service includes reaching out to contractors after they have been trained to see how they are doing implementing the RRP practices into their businesses.

We are finding that many contractors are way behind on their implementation and more. We are told by contractors like you; you are frustrated, seeking cost effective solutions without all the bs, and wondering why things that use to work are not working now. One RRP example is contractors have not put a documentation system in place to make sure that records are easily accessible if the EPA came knocking. (Records must be kept for three years). Other examples given are "we are too busy to do it" and many admit paperwork and system development is not their first love.

We are also told by contractors like you that you are experiencing;

  • difficulty generating enough quality leads
  • uncertainty about web site development and finding someone who will deliver something that does the job
  • getting homeowners to buy your services at the legal price
  • managing a heavy work schedule (one guy up to 90 hours a week because let someone go and he went back into the field)
  • lacking systems to work more effectiveley
  • concerned that you do not have enough time to deal with attention from regulatory agencies like EPA, OSHA, Insurance carriers and workmens comp auditors
  • general lack of feeling ok due to increase stress brought on by a tougher economy.
  • stress in personal and work relationships

If these points above partially or in whole describe your world you do not have to shoulder them alone.

Have you considered joining a trade organization where you can meet with others in your profession and learn how they are facing the same challenges?

Have you shared your concerns with your spouse, a close friend or advocate or are you trying to be superman?

Are you getting tired of running faster and not going any where?

Is your energy level waning and cutting into your precious time?

Maybe talking to a contractor business coach can open up doors and possibilities that you are not seeing.

Real simple and right to the point; I am here to help if you are tired of doing it alone or just need someone to see if there is a better way. It starts with a first step like a phone call (508-847-0162) or an email. Your move. 

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