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Mass building inspector warns contractor about local RRP enforcement

Posted by Mark Paskell on Wed, May 11, 2011 @ 08:36 AM

In February, Mass DOS promised RRP enforcement of state contractors would increase in the spring.  I informed the DOS officials at the meeting that contractors who stepped up to the plate to be RRP compliant were concerned about a level playing field. Manager Ernie Kelly said contractors who do not take us seriously will be surprised as soon as the winter breaks.

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Yesterday, a Boston contractor called me to discuss a strategy for setting up containment and removing debris for a pre 1978 brownstone in Boston. He then shared information about a discussion with a Newton building inspector while applying for a permit for work in that city.

The building inspector asked the contractor if he had his certificate for the 8 hour training. Then the building inspector asked if he certified his firm with the Mass Division of Occupational Safety. The contractor replied I have both. Then the building inspector went on to say;

"FYI, be on the look out for inspectors. Tell all the people you work with that the DOS is out there"

According to the contractor the building inspector was very professional and genuinely intent on forewarning contractors about the Mass DOS officials located nearby. The DOS has an office in Newton, Mass which allows them to quickly reach thousands of homes in the Boston suburbs. In a recent post a job was shut down in Brookline, Ma only a few miles from Newton.

We were told that the DOS would be more agressive this spring and it looks like they are backing up their words with actions. In a previous post I wrote about how the DOS is checking the EPA Certified Firm list and cross referencing the Mass Lead License list. If you are not on the Mass list you will likely receive a call asking why you are not compliant in Mass.

Contractors want to know what is going on

We post stories about RRP enforcement activities as they are received. We chose to keep the names of the companies private unless we are given permission to identify them or if the information is public.

If you have factual knowledge about RRP events that you would like to share let us know and we will let our readers know. Hundreds of people read this blog everyday looking for up to date information on what is happening on the RRP front. If you have a RRP story that you want contractors to know about this is a way to share it.

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